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120 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

Just because you're strapped for cash doesn't mean you can't have any fun. Whether you enjoy being outdoors or would rather kick back at home, there are plenty of ideas to choose from. Not only will you stay on your target budget, but you'll still have a guaranteed good time! If you're looking for something to do, check out these 100+ activities that won't break the bank!

1. Visit a local beach.
2. Sign up for a free class.
3. Cook a new recipe with leftover ingredients you have.
4. Reread a book you own.
5. Rearrange your furniture.
6. Organize your closet.
7. Make a playlist on Spotify.
8. Have a movie marathon with close friends.
9. Play some board games.
10. Swap clothing with friends.
11. Go swimming.
12. Visit a local park or playground.
13. Sunbathe.
14. Try a new hairstyle at home.
15. Watch reruns of your favorite TV show with DVDs from your local library.
16. Practice new makeup looks.
17. Plant some flowers in your garden.
18. Go sightseeing.
19. Paint your nails.
20. Host a dinner party.
21. Use YouTube videos for karaoke.
22. Take your pet out for a walk.
23. Go on a bike ride.
24. Paint or sketch something.
25. Photograph local sights.
26. Visit a museum on a free day.
27. Write in your journal.
28. Watch the sunset.
29. Go hiking.
30. Make a scrapbook.
31. Take a nap.
32. Practice yoga.
33. Go on a walking tour.
34. Make your own ice cream in a bag with ingredients around the house.
35. Write a song.
35. Practice playing an instrument.
37. Wash your car at home.
38. Volunteer for a local organization.
39. Visit with family or friends.
40. Catch up on laundry.
41. Organize the pantry.
42. Mow the lawn.
43. Paint a pot.
44. Do some arts and crafts.
45. Start a DIY project.
46. Exercise.
47. Put on a garage sale.
48. Bake some cookies or other sweet treats from scratch.
49. Put together a list of your favorite recipes.
50. Write a bucket list.
51. Shoot some hoops.
52. Get rid of clutter.
53. Go for a run around the neighborhood.
54. Do spa treatments at home.
55. Build a bookshelf.
56. Dance.
57. Take a bath.
58. Repair holes in clothing.
59. Make a quilt from old t-shirts.
60. Clean up your email.
61. Organize old photos into an album.
62. Write a letter.
63. Window shop.
64. Have a picnic.
65. Listen to a podcast.
66. Knit.
67. Build a fort.
68. Finish a puzzle.
69. Play card games.
70. Start planning your next getaway.
71. Organize the pots and pans in your kitchen.
72. Listen to new music online.
73. Play video games.
74. Gaze at the stars.
75. Watch the sunrise.
76. Write a poem or short story.
77. Work on your to-do list.
78. Update your résumé.
79. Get creative and make a costume with old clothing items.
80. Try a new hobby.
81. Download free apps.
82. Make your own jewelry with old beads, buttons, or chains.
83. Tie-dye a t-shirt.
84. Practice origami.
85. Make a card.
86. Have a bonfire.
87. Throw a potluck.
88. Put your favorite photos in a frame.
89. Work on handmade gifts.
90. Replace old lightbulbs.
91. Watch home movies.
92. Organize your makeup.
93. Arrange flowers in a vase. Or better yet, upcycle an old bottle into a cute vase!
94. Organize your bulletin board.
95. Update your social media profiles.
96. Make a new board on Pinterest. Check out our Pinterest account for awesome DIYs and tips!
97. Have a sleepover.
98. Organize old receipts.
99. Browse the farmers market.
100. Explore the downtown area of your city.
101. Pick fruit that you grew at home.
102. Go fishing at a local lake, pond, or pier.
103. Go to a free event.
104. Make s'mores.
105. Dress up.
106. Play volleyball.
107. Fly a kite.
108. Play tennis.
109. Go for a drive.
110. Go sledding.
111. Practice a new language.
112. Make a collage of old photographs or magazine cutouts.
113. Repurpose old clothing into a pillow, drapes, or blanket.
114. Upcycle your old jeans into shorts.
115. Play frisbee.
116. Make your own pizza.
117. Clean out your garage.
118. Listen to the radio.
119. Go camping in your backyard.
120. Daydream.

What are your favorite budget-friendly activities?


Eye-Opening Photos Juxtapose Images of Present-Day and WWI-Era Europe

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, the conflict that not only reshaped Europe, but also fundamentally transformed the world and international power structures. Over 16 million soldiers and civilians were killed and more than 20 million wounded, making WWI one of the deadliest conflicts in history. To commemorate the war's centennial, Scottish photographer Peter Macdiarmid created a fascinating series of images that superimpose photos taken during WWI on top of photos of the same modern-day locations.

The eye-opening images present a fascinating look at the passage of time, highlighting just how much or how little Europe has changed in the century since the war. Many streets and buildings remain largely the same, although several structures have been rebuilt from the destruction that marked WWI. It's shocking to see the sharp contrast between the wreckage and rubble of the past and the peace of the present.

The photos also provide an intriguing glimpse of soldiers from both sides of the conflict. In one image, troops march in orderly rows down a street, while in another image, weary men rest outside a building. These haunting photos serve as a reminder of how many lives were sacrificed in the war.

The town hall and belfry of Arras, France is seen from the main square in this archive photo of destruction wrought during WWI. The date of the photo is unknown, but the belfry was destroyed on October 21, 1914. Medieval tunnels under the city, which were expanded during the war, were pivotal in helping British forces to hold the city. 2014 photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images. Archive photo by Roger Viollet/Getty Images

Basilica of Notre-Dame de Brebieres in Albert, France stands at the center of this 1915 photo. The statue of the Virgin Mary on the belfry was damaged by a shell in 1915. 1915 photo by Apic/Getty images. 2014 photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

German airplanes at Place de la Concorde in Paris were wrecked by celebrating crowds on the day of the restoration of Alsace-Lorraine. November 18, 1918. 1918 photo by Maurice-Louis Branger/Roger Viollet/Getty Images. 2014 photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Members of a Royal Garrison Artillery of the British Army carry duck-boards across the frozen Somme canal at Frise, March 1917. 1917 photo by Lt. J W Brooke/IWM/Getty Images. 2014 photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

A large crowd of men respond to a call by the War Office for married men aged between 36 and 40 to become munition workers. They gathered outside the Inquiry Office at Scotland Yard in London, England during World War 1. Undated archive photo by Paul Thompson/FPG/Getty Images. 2014 photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

In 1914, German troops sit on the steps of the Vareddes Town Hall, France, during the First Battle of the Marne. 1914 photo by Print Collector/Getty Images. 2014 photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Soldiers stand outside the ruins of the railway station at Roye, Somme, France, in 1917. 1917 photo by Culture Club/Getty Images. 2014 photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Les Halles in the Belgium town of Ypres was the site of three major battles during World War I, and was almost completely devastated by bombing in 1915. 1915 photo by Hulton ARCHIVE/Getty Images. 2014 photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

A vintage postcard shows the 4th King’s Own Royal Lancers Regiment marching into Tonbridge, England during World War One, circa March 1915. Postcard image by Popperfoto/Getty Images. 2014 photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Visit PBS for more about each photo.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

He Sent A Photo Of The Sunset In Japan To His Parents. What He Got 20 Minutes Later Is Beautiful.

Living abroad can be a tough situation to handle. Not only are you in a strange, new place, but you’re a world away from your loved ones.
This son living in Japan decided to connect with his parents in the United States one night. He sent them a message, but he never expected what they sent back to him just minutes later.

From Japan, he sent this picture of the sunset to his parents…

And 20 minutes later, they sent him a picture of the sunrise from Florida.

No matter how far apart you are from the ones you love, remember that they are still living under the same sun as you. In fact, they may be looking at the very same sunset as you are, just from a different side. It’s profound when you realize that even though this world is a big place, you’re never that far from friends.
This Telecom commercial summarizes it perfectly.

If this touched you, please share it with others.

Sources: Viralnova, filmsprodigy

New Banksy Art Explores the Role of Technology in Our Lives

One new confirmed piece by graffiti artist Banksy, as well as one new suspected piece, in the United Kingdom has been revealed. The confirmed piece — currently featured on Banksy’s website — is a stencil of two lovers embracing with mobile phones behind each other’s backs. The specific location of this piece is currently unknown.

The second piece, which is suspected to be but not confirmed as a Banksy piece, features three men in coats with sunglasses and old reel-to-reel spy gear outside a phone booth. The suspected Banksy is located in Cheltenham, a borough of Gloucestershire, England.

Images Source: StreetArtNews, Banksy
Sources: laughingsquid, StreetArtNews