Monday, October 12, 2015

Reforestation Has An Industrial Future Really Promising!

Drones will have a hard work to do!

Who could have thought that industry the main enemy of nature would become its benefactor? There is an ambitious project of a company named BioCarbon Engineering. According to their plan one billion trees per year will be planted with the use of drones!

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Their techniques that weren't available before will ensure the effectiveness of their project. That actually means that they will be able to map those regions that are more suitable and of course more fecund for planting and will ensure best results.

According to the founder of the company, Lauren Fletcher, among their plans there is the aim to seed in a variety of species such as micro - organisms and fungi, so as to improve the soil quality and finally gain long-term sustainability for their goal!

The video below will show you how they are planning to make it work!
It is really innovative and brings hope for our future as we humans in the name of development have already deforest many of our forests! Losing a forest induces less oxygen, higher risk of flood, endangered flora and fauna, just to mention some...if that is going to be implemented we can really hope for a better future!

Sources: True Activist, Matthew Ritchie

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Sweden: They Aspire To Become The First Country Completely Free Of Fossil Fuels!

Let this be our future!

The Scandinavian country already produces about two-thirds of its electricity via alternative energy sources with low carbon footprint.
The ambition of the country to become one of the first states in the world that is completely free of fossil fuels made by the Prime Minister of Sweden, Stefan Löfven, during his recent speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

The Nordic countries are already at the forefront of the renewable energy sector, with Sweden produce about two thirds of its electricity via alternative energy sources with low carbon footprint.

Last July, a day with very strong winds, Denmark covered 140% of electrified needs through wind sources and Iceland have made major investments in the creation of hydroelectric plants and geothermal power plants.

Nevertheless, a complete elimination of the use of fossil fuels is an extremely ambitious project, even for "disciplined" and innovative Sweden. How can such an industrialized and developed state with a population of over 10 million people, stop using oil and natural gas in the coming decades, wonders today's publication of the Independent and explains the steps to be taken to achieve this goal.

In the 2016 budget announcement in September, the government announced that they would invest 4.5 billion kronor (approximately EUR 485 million) in measures for environmental protection within the next year, boosting solar and wind power infrastructure and "green" transport.

Specifically, the Government of Leuven will spend 50 million kronor on research into ways of storing electricity, 10 million kronor for smart grids and 1 billion kronor for renovating residential buildings to make them more energy efficient.

Giving once again the example of the other EU states, the Nordic countries will also increase funding similar project for using alternative energy sources and outside their borders.

They will increase the budget of these projects and studies in 500 million kronor, sending a "strong message" to the West before the UN conference in Paris in December.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Lost Girl...A Shocking Ending!

A must watch video for parents and children!

All parents are keep telling their children about the dangers of being lost out there! I can't possibly imagine how a child must feel if it is lost out on the street or in a public area and its parents' anxiety!

What you are about to see is not real, but it can happen for real!

This little girl pretends to be lost and is searching for her mother...most people are trying to help her, while some others ignore her with a rather humiliating way, that made me furious! However the most shocking part of the video is at the end! Thank God there are people out there who still know what to do and how to protect a helpless child!

Watch the video below and you'll see what I mean:

This made me sick! If I was there I am not sure I would be so polite to that monster! Please make sure you don't leave your child's hand whenever you are in a public area even if it is not that crowded! Make sure you watch that video with your children and always be careful!

Credits: DennisCee

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In Search Of Good People...An Unexpected Help!

In the middle of a road a man is in need but everyone passes by his car, except...

Ham myTV set a fake situation on the road to find out if there are Good Samaritans on the streets. The results are quite disappointing as the protagonist was out there waiting for help for over two hours without any single driver stop to check on him.

The set: A car that had broken down on the highway and a helpless can clearly see the cars that are passing and not even one is stopping. After two hours of waiting an SUV is pulling over and its driver approaches the damaged car and the driver.

Even though he wasn't able to help literally he offered to help! He is a true hero and as he mentioned in the video he has been through a lot of difficulties, however the rough time he had he made him a better person! God Bless you! It is pretty dangerous out there but giving some of our time for people in need is always appreciated!

Credits: Hammy TV

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Heart Stopping Journey At The World's Most Complete Four-Dimensional Map Of The Universe!

Hold your breath and click!

We all know that the universe is endless and it is rather difficult to understand its nature. In this enlightening and magnificent video that presents the observable universe created by the American Museum of Natural History you'll have the opportunity of a virtual route to the magical world out of Earth.

There are no words to describe this mind blowing spectacle!

It begins from our home and after an extraordinary journey returns back there...It's all there, the planets, the sun, our galaxy, every star and quasar! It's just magical!

Credits: American Museum of Natural History

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This Little Guy Is A Living Miracle!

Doctors do the impossible and give him his life back!

What are the chances of surviving a fatal car accident for an infant whose head and neck were apart? Close to zero I guess! Well if time and luck is on your side everything is possible...even the impossible!

When the serious crush took place Jackson 16-month-old and due to the force of the crash had pulled Jackson's head and neck apart, which literally means a fatal injury that a child at his age couldn't possibly survive!

Nevertheless that day was that baby's lucky day because everything worked perfectly and on time! He was airlifted to a hospital in Brisbane. There, Australia’s “godfather of spinal surgery” Dr. Geoff Askin saved his life by performing a six hour surgery with an excellent team of other surgeons and now his life is finally out of danger! What they did that six hours is pretty miraculous and promise a bright future for medicine and surgeries, as they used a piece of wire to reattach his vertebrae. Afterwards they used a piece of his rib to graft the two vertebrae back together!

Watch Jackson’s story in the video below:

Jackson now has an attached halo at his skull that he will have to wear for two months to make sure that everything will stay at its place but then he will be able to return to his normal dreamy childhood!

Well done to those doctors who give that little guy his life back and to his adorable family a better future! God bless you all!

Credits: nollygrio

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