Thursday, August 28, 2014

This awesome tip will save you a lot of mess in the kitchen...if you are about to prepare breakfast for a really big family gathering! Try it!

For those times you wanted to invite over family or friends for breakfast or you are thinking of having a picnic out with friends you could be offered to bring the eggs!
Here is an easy and simple way to make hard boiled eggs. As long as you’ve got your eggs, an oven and a muffin tin, you’re set and ready to go! After 30 minutes, the eggs are done — they peel super easily and taste amazing.
This is especially great if you want to serve hard boiled eggs for an entire group of people (eggs in bulk) and want to know exactly when they’ll be ready. It’s still summer and so the perfect time for a picnic…try it and I am sure your friends will be amazed!

Credits: Steven Reed

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It was supposed to be another ordinary day...until the door opened and her daddy came home! One of the cutest reunions!

There are very few things as touching as a faithful dog being reunited with its owner, but when the owner happens to be a soldier who has spent the past several months stationed overseas, sobbing is all but expected...
Watch as this German Shepherd walks around the corner to see her dad for the first time in five months. What a surprise!
To see the excitement and joy on their faces is a feeling like no other. .. Dogs are the most faithful companions and this was one more proof of that! Especially when it comes to a soldier who must have witness real cruel situations overseas!

Credits: AndImHim

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He couldn't imagine that he was holding a treasure...a blanket made this hopeless disabled man a millionaire!

A miracle happened in an auction! L.T. or Big L.T. lost his leg in a car accident and his disability checks were barely paying the bills. One day L.T. saw a Navajo First Phase Chief’s Blanket appraised on the Antique Road Show for $350,000-$500,000. L.T. owned a similar blanket and decided to get it appraised. He was ecstatic to find out his blanket was worth $100,000-$200,000. But this good news was only the beginning...
The blanket went up for auction at the Pasadena Convention Center on June 19 by John Moran Auctioneers. According to Moran's release, "After a pitched battle between phone and floor bidders from across the country, the well-known dealer Donald Ellis of Donald Ellis Gallery in New York and Ontario, bidding from the floor, emerged the victor as the stunned consignor looked on." The total price, including 20% buyer's premium, was $1.8 million.
This ‘Chantland Blanket’, a First Phase chief’s wearing textile, far outstripped the previous $522,500 record for a Navajo blanket. At $1.8 million, the blanket has achieved the second highest price for any Native American artifact ever realised at auction.
Check out this heartwarming story and find out how someone’s miserable life can turn into a wonderful one in a few hours!
During the mid 1800s, First Phase chief’s blankets were highly prized items, collected by both European settlers, and Native Americans, even before the existence of the United States.
Today, fewer than one hundred First Phase blankets are in existence. This makes them the rarest of the four phases of Navajo blankets. Typically, they incorporate horizontal striped patterns of natural brown, black, ivory and indigo, in hand-spun dyed wool. The later phases branch out into diamond patterns and cross formations.
Only four other First Phase blankets incorporating lac-dyed red stripes, as the Chantland blanket does, are known to exist outside of public collections. This design variant is highly sought after among Navajo textiles. (wikicollecting)
It's a real feel good story, and couldn't of happen to a better person who never had nothing in his life, and when he though life couldn't get any worse, something amazing happens out of nowhere.

Credits: JohnMoranAuctions

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Here is one more reason that Pharrell's song "happy" would make even more people happier! Brilliant!

For many of us to hear and enjoy a song is something ordinary and natural...however when it comes to people with hearing impairment or with severe hearing loss, which means that the person is not be able to distinguish any sounds...obviously to enjoy a song is something they cannot do! But here is a brilliant idea that refers to those people who are living between us and definitely share the same rights!
This video clip made by the kids at Camp Mark Seven’s Deaf Film Camp which offers filmmaking instruction to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing youths so as to give the opportunity to others facing the same disability to enjoy this inspiring music video that is an ASL interpretation of Pharrell’s “Happy”! Enjoy!
I really feel so happy after seeing and hearing it, don't you!
This video is an American Sign Language interpretation of Pharrell Williams's "Happy." An expression of music in ASL composed by Rosa Lee Timm and Azora Telford. Amazing work...congratulations for the excellent result and I hope they will do some more in the future! What an inspiration!

Credits: CM7 Deaf Film Camp

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Having the honor to walk a bride down the aisle...would that be a reason to retire from your work? Well, for this man it is the greater sense of fulfillment!

The challenge was to tell Chloe’s unique story without it sounding like just another cancer story. This story is about a miracle that's still happening...and we all pray to continue! Here is the story of Chloe as her doctor narrates it from the first day they met on a Christmas Eve some years ago...when Chloe was diagnosed with a head tumor. Dr. Alex Levy is a pediatric oncologist/hematologist at Arnold Palmer Hospital.
Words can't describe the great contrast of emotions in these heartbreaking video...fear, hope, sorrow, and joy.
This story, finally, is about the reality that one day Chloe will be walked down the wedding aisle.
Chloe is such a special girl. The Williams Family is so amazing for allowing the cameras into their journey.
Arnold Palmer Hospital used Chloe’s story to inspire over 130,000 people across the world. To engage their community and beyond, they shared the story with their Facebook fans, on their hospital blog, through Twitter, and their Youtube channel. Chloe’s Wedding Day was also used to inspire and remind the hospital staff of why they strive for excellence to care for many other children like Chloe. Additionally, this brand film has been used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in multiple fundraising settings.

Credits: ArnoldPalmerHospital,

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This is the cutest approval of a puppy to the new member of the family...who is coming soon!

In this adorable video a mother to be is trying to explain to her puppy, who is about to come out of her belly soon...Is an imaginary dialogue between her and the dog named Junie following her reactions! As Junie came to the house first she will have the honor to be the big sister and her role will be to protect and care for the baby!
The dog is adorably confused but soon seems to understand and approves of her new human baby sister.
According to psychology the coexistence of a dog and a baby is not at all dangerous, in fact is something that helps babies and children to develop more skills as they grow up! If these parents to be soon will follow some simple rules they are going to witness an amazing relationship between their puppy and their new baby! I am sure Junie would be the best companion to her new baby sister!

Credits: Stephania Sayler

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