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This Woman Has Turned An Old Bank Into A Luxurious Home! Spectacular!

Building the house of your dreams is something that most people have on their wish list! Some of them achieve their goal while others have to be content to a similar or close to! This woman though made a dreamy house where her old job was located and it is absolutely luxurious and one of a kind!

Let's take things from the beginning...

In Spring City, Pennsylvania, a small town outside of Philadelphia, when jeweller Cathy Calhoun returned to the site of her old job, she found a gem: a building ripe for renovation. She's now taken the quirky former bank, where she worked as a teller in the 1970s, and turned it into a home that blends both history and modern luxury.

The building’s rich history is what inspired her to try and preserve as much of the bank as was possible during renovations, and the stunning results are a blend of this history along with touches of modern luxury. One of the vaults has been turned into a shiny new bar that also displays some of the original artifacts she found. The older vault, located downstairs, is air tight and has no ventilation, making it perfect for a sauna. That basement vault was where hostages were kept during a 1921 robbery. One of the hostages suffered an asthma attack and died, leading to claims that his ghost haunts the building. A third vault, which belonged to the head teller and is near the front door, now functions as an entertainment center.

The rest of the house retains elements of the old bank as well. They have been intermixed with the owner’s modern style taste and the outcome is an overall feeling of glamor and luxury. Sleek white couches and animal print rugs intermix beautifully with the original chandeliers and dramatic curved staircase. Bold art and accessories on display fit perfectly within the large, open, airy spaces and draw the eye up towards the high ceilings. Calhoun’s favorite room is her 2 story bathroom which features a large tub with a flat-screen TV, a fireplace, and rain-style shower. The house looks very comfortable with all the personal touches she has added, yet manages to retain it’s historic charm.

See it for yourself and check out the video!
Cathy Calhoun bought the bank for 52,000 dollars and took 24 years to transform this bank, built in 1872 into a spectacular home.

I love the transformation of old commercial spaces into new residential homes! The owner obviously put a lot of imagination and work into their space. I can't imagine renovating for 24 years! I wonder how much those renovations cost...but the home was a steal at $52,000.

Credits: CNNMoney

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Start Packing...An Earth-Like Planet Has Just Been Found!

Numerous movies and science fiction series grapple with the distant future when humanity will find the new Earth, a planet in another star system, which is similar to ours and has the right conditions for the existence and life support. We may not have yet managed to colonize the universe, but the planet, perhaps, we found it!

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope recently discovered an Earth-like planet orbiting a nearby star within the habitable zone of our galaxy. Kepler-186f is approximately 500 light-years from Earth in the Cygnus constellation.

The habitable zone, also known as the Goldilocks zone, is the region around a star within which planetary-mass objects with sufficient atmospheric pressure can support liquid water at their surfaces. While it has been estimated that there are at least 40 billion Earth-sized planets orbiting in our Milky Way Galaxy, this particular discovery is labeled the first Earth-sized planet to be found in the habitable zone of another star.

In addition to Kepler-186f, there are 4 other planets that orbit a nearby star within the Kepler-186f system. What this means is that if the nearby star to this planet is similar to our Sun, then the probability of life on this planet exponentially rises.
We know of just one planet where life exists – Earth. When we search for life outside our solar system we focus on finding planets with characteristics that mimic that of Earth,” said Elisa Quintana, research scientist at the SETI Institute at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., and lead author of the paper published today in the journal Science. “Finding a habitable zone planet comparable to Earth in size is a major step forward.”

The nearby star to Kepler-186f has half the mass and size as our solar system’s Sun and only receives one-third of the energy that we receive from our Sun. Kepler-186f orbits its star once every 130 days.

Astronomers already looking -through provision radio telescopes' Allen Institute SETI- signs of intelligent life on the planet Kepler-f, but so far have not found any signal. However said they would continue their efforts.

Our overpopulated planet has reached its limits hopefully this might be a great solution! I wonder if I must start packing!

Sources: JewishNewsOne, The Mind Unleashed, In5D

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Friday, March 27, 2015

J Lo's Totally Still Performance So Stunning And Spectacular! WOW!

Some time ago it was set off the new season for American Idol in which is participating as a judge Jennifer Lopez, who indeed is very gentle and sweet with all the contestants and this is one reason why she has gained even greater public sympathy . The Latina Star is known for her impressive appearances on stage and so when a few days ago it became known that she will sing live to show everyone expected a very good performance. The end result though far exceeded public expectations.

Perhaps one of the most impressive performances of Jennifer Lopez in «American Idol». The singer interpreted the beautiful ballad «Feel The Light», from the upcoming animated film «Home», and charmed everyone with her stage presence.

Everyone who saw it, either live or on TV, felt just that, the light. Wearing a white dress, which prima facie was - consisted of fabric, 20 feet in diameter- very simple. After a while, when the lights went out, the outfit played the role of the cloth on which a projector showed an entire show. Astral landscapes plucked from a telescope, enchanting colors reminiscent of futuristic jumpsuit and Jennifer Lopez prettier than ever. She didn't even have to move...she only sang and it was just wonderful!

Lopez "lends" her voice to Lucy Tucci, Tip's mother, who comes "alive" by Rihanna's voice. Apart from Lopez's participation in the soundtrack in the movie we found songs of Kiesza, Charli XCX, Stargate, Ester Dean and of course Rihanna, who performs many of the songs of the movie too!

Honestly, there’s not one thing JLo can’t do. She’s amazing and she’s always one step ahead of everyone else in the game.

What a dress and What a voice!

Credits: American Idol

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Find Out The Smartest People On Earth! Their IQ Is Far Beyond Average!

Intelligence can be measured in many ways. However, the kind of intelligence which the majority of people trust as a barometer of overall brain power is the IQ, the ability to think logically and to solve a problem. The general score of 95% population from these tests ranges between 70 and 130. There are a lot of factors that come into play when a person’s IQ is in question. Factors like mortality, morbidity, parental social status, biological parents’ IQ play an important role in determining a person’s IQ. There are a wide variety of methods used in determining a person’s IQ level, like visual tests, verbal tests, abstract reasoning problems, while some tests are based on arithmetic, reading, vocabulary and general knowledge.

People with high IQ index objectively seem to know almost everything. In case they do not know something, they have the ability to resolve it relatively quickly and easily.

The list is obviously not objective, as the concept of intelligence is very subjective, and there are several different factors beyond the IQ showing how smart someone is.

According to this, however, the 12 smarter people in the world, based on IQ, is as follows:

12. Sharon Stone (IQ level- 154)
This sexy seductress actually is alleged to have an IQ of 154. She has been nominated for several prestigious awards and even received many awards. Who thought the bold and confident actress in Basic Instinct could actually have an IQ that would put many men to shame? She was always an academically bright student and entered second standard at the age of five. She accepted a scholarship to Edinboro University of Pennsylvania when she was just 15years old. She accepted the scholarship and went there to study creative writing and fine arts.

11. Paul Allen (IQ Level- 160)
This business magnate is best known as the co founder of Microsoft alongside Bill Gates. The deal between Microsoft and IBM was Pau Allen’s sheer brilliance and smartness that made IBM believe that the just founded five year old Microsoft actually had a Disk Operating System that worked on Intel chips, even though it didn’t. That deal created history and Paul went on to become the 53rd Richest Man in the World. He scored a perfect 1600 in the SAT, even ahead of Bill Gates. He was also awarded the highest honor of the Washington State University. A man of his stature truly deserves this!

10. Stephen Hawking (IQ Level- 160)
Despite of being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) which has paralyzed him completely, his brain had recorded an IQ of 154, which took the world by surprise. He has made major and remarkable contributions in the field of general relativity. This versatile paralyzed man showed the world that physical conditions have got nothing to do with fulfilling dreams. He is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and the Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology at the Cambridge. After being diagnosed with the disease, he declined to accept a Doctorate. Surprisingly enough, Hawking survived more years than he was expected to!

9. Albert Einstein (IQ Level 160-190)
Now this man surely needs no introduction. He is the one behind most of the chapters in Physics. He was the one to develop the theory of relativity. He is a Nobel laureate who is best known for the discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. He also extended his views and laws to the gravitational fields. Einstein was affiliated with the Institute for Advanced Study in New Jersey. His brilliance and achievements were so immense that even today we relate brilliance and “Einstein” together.

8. Judit Polgar (IQ Level- 170)
She is the greatest female chess player according to many. Judit Polgar also became the youngest Grandmaster at the age of 15 and still holds that record. She is the only woman in FIDE’s Top 100 list, where she ranks number 63 on the list. This genius had defeated a reigning world number one player and ten other world champions in different tournaments. She created history in 2002 when she defeated the world number 1 Garry Kasparov in a match and that match went on to become a remarkable event in her career.

7. Garry Kasparov (IQ Level – 190)
This Russian man is considered to be the greatest chess player of all times. He was ranked world no. 1 for 225 times. This genius man in 2003 played against a chess computer that could calculate 3 million moves per second. The match was draw and Kasparov obliged his fans with his unmatched brilliance. Kasparov was the youngest undisputed World Chess Champion just at the age of 22. He has a world record for most number of consecutive victories and most number of Chess Oscars. Apart from being a chess player, this man is also a writer and political activist.

6. Philip Emeagwali (IQ Level- 190)

This man is an engineer, mathematician and geologist who used the Connection Machine supercomputer to analyze petroleum fields. Though he left school at the age of 13 to be a part of the Nigerian-Biafran war but that did not deter him from completing school through self study and earning his degree in Mathematics. His achievements do not end here. He earned three Master’s degree in Mathematics, Environmental and Marine Engineering from various universities. This Nigerian writer also appeared for his PhD at the University of Michigan but he was denied his degree on grounds of racial discrimination and he sued the University for the same. Nevertheless, he will always be a hero to his countrymen and to the rest of the world!

5. Christopher Michael Langan (IQ Level- 195)

This man has been described as the “smartest man in America”. Langan began talking when he was all of six months and he taught himself to read when he was just three and was skipped ahead at school many times. This genius scored a perfect score in SAT even thought he slept his way through the exam. He dropped out of the Montana University stating that he could teach his professors more than they could teach him. Now this statement requires serious self confidence. Hats off to this man!

4. Kim Ung-Yong (IQ Level- 210)
Kim Ung-Yong could speak fluently when he was just six months old and was a guest student in Physics at Hanyang University at the age of 3. He wrote poetry and two short stories by the time he was four years old. Do we need to say more? He left NASA at the age of 16 and though he was offered enrollment at Korea’s most prestigious university, he rejected the offer and instead decided to pursue PhD in civil engineering. Right now, he serves as a faculty in the Chungbuk National University.

3. Christopher Hirata (IQ Level- 225)
Born in 1982, Christopher Hirata had recorded an IQ of 225. He is an outstanding example of child prodigy who had already completed his college level courses by the time he was 12. By the time he turned 16, he was working on a project with the NASA. He was the first one to win a gold medal in international Science Olympiad at the age of 13. He began attending classes for his PhD in astrophysics when he was just 18.

2. Terence Tao (IQ Level- 225-230)
Another child prodigy yet again. This genius taught arithmetic to a 5 year old when he himself was all of 2. He attended mathematics courses of the university level when he was just 9 years old. At 14, Terence Tao attended the Research Science Institute. At 16, he received both his Bachelors and Masters degree and by 20 had received his Doctorate as well. He remains the youngest winner till date of all the three medals in Olympiads. By 24, he was the youngest ever professor at UCLA.

1. William James Sidis (IQ Level- 250-300)
Sidis had exceptional mathematical abilities. At 6, he went to a grammar school and in 7 months he had graduated. He attended Harvard at the age of 11 and mastered over 40 languages. He was threatened by some fellow students in Harvard so his parents assigned him on a teaching job in Texas. But soon he left the job and started concentrating on a political career.

Index IQ:
The IQ is an indicator that allegedly captures the perceptual ability. The test IQ is the medium tries to as objectively through assays possible to quantify this ability.

Intelligence is a concept that encompasses all the cognitive processes of the brain and reflects the ability to solve problems. The ability in mental processes such as analysis, synthesis, identification and reduction and speed, complexity and number of processes that can combine the mind characterizes him as more or less intelligent.

The genius is the concept that captures the very high mental abilities, the very high intelligence and is usually attributed to people whose cognitive ability is ranked in the top one per thousand of the population. It is customary to distinguish brilliant people and have excellent skills in an academic or scientific field.

The charisma is the concept that describes too high cognitive capabilities that span a variety of disciplines and scientific fields. Gifted people are distinguished by the fact that they can be distinguished in that grapple while their intelligence belongs to more than 1 / 10,000 of the human population.

Perceptual ability is tremendously versatile and has many different facets. Also are not fully clarified yet the biological mechanisms that support it. It would be at least naive to believe that someone has found an absolutely reliable intelligence test. Especially the tests that measure the ultra-scales and extremely high intelligence are mostly tests which have been drawn by people with very high cognitive ability however this is essentially a projection of their subjective perception of how intelligence works and this is proven by the many different outcomes that may make different tests of this scale for the same man regarding his IQ.

This does not mean that it is necessary to improve the IQ test. These tests contribute substantially to diagnose the level of perceptual capacity, enable humans to acknowledge the potential of the greatest possible objective, beyond personal considerations and ambitions, and thus help him to leverage it realistically. Essentially these attach a magnitude specified to human beings. Measurements of IQ should not be only a confrontation to interest whether it is accurate. It's enough to be able to deliver approximately one order of magnitude, while the lack of accuracy leaves a refuge for those who succeed score lower their expectations, they can accept more smoothly this frustration. The accuracy of an unambiguous perceptual capacity index serves people, insipid, whose sole determining point in their IQ. People instead of highlighting their potential through their work consumed in IQ tests and use this indicator as a means of classification. Much more useful it would be if we could do as much as possible more accurate tests that measure the various inclinations and talents, particularly in preschool children.

Do you think some one else should be included in this list of people with super high IQ? Let us know below in comments.

Source: Listovative

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She Can't Be A Champion But She's Already Held A World Record! Meet The Smallest Horse In The World!

Thumbelina is officially the smallest horse in the world. It's tiny and cute. It weighs 27 pounds, has a height of 43 cm and yet is a horse!

She doesn't have the potential to be a champion in jumping, but she doesn't care because since 2006, wheb she was five years old she entered the Guinness Book of Records, as the smallest horse in the world!

Thumbelina was born on May 1, 2001, to two miniature horse parents.

She was born in an American farm and raised by people who specialize in breeding of small horses. Normally these horses when they grow weigh 250 lb and reach a height of 34 inches.

Thumbelina though by the time she was was clear that she would't even reach in these sizes. She was the size of a newborn baby and finally reached the weight of 60 lb.

Its size is explained as dwarfism. This makes it a typical tiny miniature. She prefers to hang out with spaniel breed dogs than with other horses, as though she gallop and living on a farm of 150 acres of family Goessling in Saint Louis.

Michael Goessling, whose parents Kay and Paul breed of miniature horses says: "When she was born she was so tiny, and we feared that she wouldn't manage to survive. Her legs are proportionally smaller than the body and head, and therefore she wore special orthopedic parts for a long time. But we love her so much that we wouldn't like her looking different. We want her as she is and we call her Mini - Mini'.

The Goessling family specializes in horse breeding "miniature", but never had such a tiny horse. She is a celebrity in town.

She eats a handful of hay twice a day. The normal sized horses live around 35 years, but Thumbelina was not expected to live more than 17.

It can procreate, but the family did not leave because it considers dangerous to health. Fear of possible complications and do not want to take risks. They also believe that it is incorrect dwarfism gene to pass on to future generations.

Thumbelina also succeeds in giving joy to children with health problems. She and her owners visit hospitals and various institutions and used as an attraction by charities for fundraising.

The healing properties of riding were known to the Greeks in the 5th century BC. Therapeutic riding today is a method that can help those with mobility problems and offer them a better quality of life.

What is the therapeutic riding
It is a therapeutic method based on the logic that when moving the horse follows pace very similar to the human. It carries the trunk so as the rider would transport his feet if he was walking alone. The movements performed by the horse have rhythm and balance to help the rider to find his. Considered also as passive gymnastics.

Target Audience
Therapeutic riding is ideal for people with mobility problems, behavioral problems, neurological and other diseases, as for people with autism, blindness, deafness, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Thumbelina is adorable. And it certainly is great that she has all the love and attention she needs. She is one special little horse.

Sources: Text Me :D, Viral Nova

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She Has The Potential To Be The Next Einstein...Her IQ? 162! Wow!

Everyone knew 12-year-old British schoolgirl Olivia Manning was smart. She was quick to absorb new information. She memorized all her lines for a performance of Macbeth in just 24 hours.

She has been accepted into Mensa after discovering she is brainier than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Olivia Manning, from Liverpool, managed to get a whopping score in an IQ test of 162 - well above the 100 average.

Her score is not only two points better than genius German physicist Einstein and Professor Stephen Hawking, but puts her in the top one per cent of intelligent people in the world.

It was just this year that, after 100 years of placing second, women as a whole have scored higher than men on intelligence testing. The reason for this is unclear. Hypotheses include women finally having comparable opportunities in education to men’s or the demand for women to juggle both family and career. (Obviously the last probably doesn’t concern Manning quite yet.)

I really hope Olivia to be able to fulfill all her dreams and offer to mankind something memorable!

Credits: geobeats

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