Saturday, May 23, 2015

A King In Need...A Saving Operation!

Going to the dentist is not a pleasant situation for most of us. It literally brings chills to my spine whenever I have to go, however the feeling of a clear and shining smile is always desirable! This story is about a visit to the dentist but not for a human being...but for the King of animals a White Lion. The 9 year-old lion, named Aslan, lives just outside of Pretoria, South Africa, at the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, named after its operator.

Kevin Richardson is known throughout the world as “The Lion Whisperer” because of the deep mutual understanding he shares with the wild cats. He says he is able to walk and run among the lions because he has a relationship with them and knows each individual’s quirks and how to read their behaviors. The lions sense something special and unique about Kevin which has led them to accept him as part of their prides. With this intense connection comes an unspoken responsibility, and Kevin has taken it upon himself to safeguard the lions health and well being.

A lion without his bite is hardly a lion at all, says Kevin Richardson, the famous Lion Whisperer. Aslan was suffering miserably from rotten and broken off canines, and the pain had changed him for the worse.

After suffering a bite at a very young age, Aslan lost two of the four canine teeth that lions so heavily rely upon for eating.

The Lion Whisperer enlisted the help of veterinary dentist Dr. Gerhard Steenkamp, who estimated the surgery would take as many as four hours, which concerned Richardson, because anesthetizing a large animal for that time period carries a significant amount of risk. Adding to the worry, Dr. Steenkamp found found four teeth that needed care post-anesthetic, and the entire procedure took six hours.

Fortunately, the anesthetic had no ill effect on the lion, and the procedure was a success.

Fortunately, the caring people in his life made sure that Aslan wouldn’t have to endure this embarrassment any longer. Contracting with a large toothpaste company to help offset the cost of the extensive procedure needed to repair Aslan’s teeth, The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary was able to give Aslan a second chance to live his life in comfort at the sanctuary.

Had he been a wild lion, he likely would have died from losing use of his teeth. Instead, his appetite and eating capabilities have completely returned. His temperament is in good stead, with no sign of the irritability and aggression that accompanied his pain.

When he’s finally brought back and reintroduced to the other lions they happily accept him. Aslan got his bite back and, just as importantly, his sense of place in the pride which is the world to him.

Credits: Fixodent

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Cutting An Apple …Genius Life Hack!

Cutting an apple seems simple enough, right?

We've all cut an apple to eat it.

Cutting an apple seems like something that should be really simple to do, but it turns out there are a ton of ways to make this happen, and you’ve probably been doing it wrong.

But this guy will show you a whole different way to cut an apple and even keep it fresher for hours!

Thanks to Grant Thompson, aka The King of Random, we can now all follow the right path.

All you need is an apple, a giant (frankly terrifying) knife and a rubber band (should you want to have your apple with you for later).

Want to keep it even fresher? Spritz it with lemon juice right after you cut it! The citric acid will keep it from oxidizing, and it’ll stay fresh for hours.

Apples are a healthy snack and are a perfect addition to any school lunch. The only problem is that you don't want your kids getting hurt while cutting them. But if you pack pre-cut slices in their lunchbox, they often go brown before lunchtime. Not anymore!

I just can’t believe I was doing it all wrong for many years…I will try it ASAP!

Credits: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

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Crazy Vibrations:Beautiful And Mystifying!

Have you seen this one?

It’s very cool when people mix traditional instruments with new technology – Make sure you watch the strings! I love this music with real-life visualization!

In this video, an enterprising young man places his phone inside an acoustic guitar, points the camera out of the sound hole, and begins to play.

He didn't expect to see the guitar strings turn into wacky, wavy and shapely lines. It's crazy.

I guess he wanted to see what acoustic guitar strings look like when they're being played. What he captured is mesmerizing!

The effect seen in the video is called rolling shutter. Reminiscent of a strobe light, the rolling shutter effect does not capture all elements of an image at exactly the same time, but portrays each frame in its entirety during playback.

It’s the same effect that explains this seemingly nonsensical footage of airplane propellers flying off the actual propeller and disintegrating in thin air.

Also, notice that after embedding the iPhone in the instrument, the guitarist goes outside for the actual demonstration. That’s because backlighting is critical to capturing the effect.

I've seen videos of spinning propellers and bike wheels that are equally as beautiful and mystifying.

Credits: rtists

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Must Have Been A Professional Dancer At One Time And She Still Is!

Worth watching!

Street performer and beat-boxer Power Beat was doing his thing on the streets of Brussels, when an old woman and her dog happened to pass by.

When you're making music that has the power to stop an old lady on the street and inspire her to head-bang on all fours, you're likely on to something.

Some people say that we never get old; we simply forget how to have fun. This great video that is worth to share proves that it’s never too late to have fun and dance. The way the lady in the video bellow dances is a proof from the streets of Brussels… This is just amazing!

We’ve seen plenty of videos featuring groovy grandparents, but I think this one takes the cake. This senior launches into one of the most epic dance breaks I’ve ever seen, and throws all caution to the wind.

Her agility stuns the crowd, even getting down to her knees at the end of the video.

But the real shout out here goes to her dog, which waits patiently for her owner to finish dancing and continue on their way. I have a feeling he's seen this before.

In the end, the street audience cheers for the impromptu dancer, whom, we think, Power Beat should seriously consider collaborating with more often!

Credits: Power Beat

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Like A Huge Bright Blue Eye Standing - Probably - The Most Special Lagoon Of The World.

Nature is indeed the best artist ever! The incredible beauty of breathtaking landscapes proves it continuously...especially in those places where human hasn't set his hand or foot! Among these places there is an incredibly outstanding lagoon in the middle of the ocean.

Located in Rocas Baimbridgen Galapagos in Ecuador. Naked on a rocky island full of life at times as its waters welcome flamingos.

Enjoy a small rocky island in the middle of the ocean.

The Galap√°gos Islands are geologically young and famed for their vast number of endemic species, which were studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle. This blue lagoon nestled inside Rocas Baimbridgen is a shallow laggon in the middle of the sea and provides food for millions of flamingos.

It certainly made my day! With summer just around the corner heavenly blue landscapes make me wanna dive immediately! How about you?

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Meet The Mammoth Of Instruments!

This unique stringed instrument makes the upright bass or cello look like a junior instrument.

It is exceptionally large and carries a very low end sound, dropping to lower realms than any other stringed instrument.

It was invented in 1850 by French violin maker Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume. It has three strings and stands roughly 3.48 meters tall (11.4 ft).

Because of the extreme fingerboard length and string thickness, the musician plays it using a system of hand and foot-activated levers and pedals.

In this video we get an up close and personal with the octobasse that is on display at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

The Octobass is an enormous, three-string instrument that tunes an octave below a standard double bass. It’s so large that the player has to use special keys on its side to change pitches on each string.

It's sound may not smoothly touch my ears but it’s a unique invention! However its size isn't so convenient, so I can guess why there are only two of those still exist in the world! But I am pretty sure that a section of ten of those would shake an entire concert hall!

Credits: MIMphx

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