Thursday, August 21, 2014

The smiling watermelon offers its juice with the help of a drill! Awesome and yummy!

Really cool watermelon has definitely the taste of summer! Here is an amazing trick to make your kid's party or even a family barbecue yummier, cooler and funnier!
In this video, you’ll learn how to create a refreshing watermelon smoothie with everyday items found ’round the house — with essentially no mess — in 2 minutes!! Try it and I am sure everybody will love you and ask for more!
It really looks delicious…Got to go to the grocery store now...I hope to find lot of watermelons! It's still summer, it's hot and I am having a barbecue night for sure...with a cool surprise for dessert!

Credits: Mark Rober

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Four years of neglect drove her to a certain death...literally at the last moment she was saved! Watch her ultimate comeback!

Rosalie was neglected and kept as a factory guard dog for four years. When the business shut down, she was dropped off at the back door of an animal shelter and on the brink of death. Looking like a skeleton, the dog was sick and in need of immediate medical care. Her body finally began screaming ‘’ I give up! ‘’.She was a naked skeleton of purple color with some fur here and there;
the rabid smell of mange could be touched in the air around her , the disease had left itchy wounds almost everywhere in her body. This was the ‘’care’’ the owners at the factory where she was kept gave her for four years. Her wounds, her cachectic naked body, the state of her soul, the scared eyes she is seeing the world through screams it is WRONG.
Today, with the help of animal rescue employees and doctors, Rosalie is recovering. She is finally living a life where she is protected and surrounded by care and attention of her family. Wait until you see her amazing transformation.
A life of freedom and love, a life where she is protected and not owned to be neglected, a life where she is surrounded by care and attention of her family. This is what a dog deserves! And thankfully Rosalie now is in good hands!

Credits: He'Art of Rescue

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This wasn't definitely for them...however they threw the toys out took their positions and started wrestling! What would the inventors of the toy say about this?

Two kittens engage in a wrestling match inside a WWE toy.
In this corner, we have one of the two cutest kittens in the world. And in this corner, we have the other one! Ladies and Gentlemen, you are going to watch the first official wrestling fight between two excellent fighters...the orange thunder and the black lightning!

And the winner is....find it out in this amazing video!
You can't say for sure how this started...they saw the boy playing with his new toy and got jealous? Was it a battle for who gets first place at the breakfast bowl? I suppose will never know! One thing’s for sure: they’re both going to win some belly rubs! How could they not?

Credits: donnie brascoe

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This is David and Goliath in a dog won't believe the tiny Chihuahuas boldness!

I am sure you've all have watched cartoons in which some really annoying tiny dogs are constantly barking in front of a huge lackadaisical dog...and then with just one move of the big one the barking stops immediately! Well, this is a similar situation only this time the little fellow seems almost fearless!
"Small dog syndrome" is a common phenomenon amongst little canines. Basically, it means that tiny dogs mistakenly think they are more powerful than bigger foes or pack leaders. Most of the time, they aren't. But... then there are little dogs like this Chihuahua.
Watch Lilly, a 12-week-old chihuahua, launches an aww-worthy offensive on Vago the Great Dane. Lucky for little Lilly, Vago is a gentle giant. He's also got his human nearby keeping an eye on him just in case he forgets that when it comes to size, he's got the advantage.
This tiny Chihuahua really wanted to play with this gentle Great Dane and she wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer! The result was the cutest wrestling match of all time. She is just too feisty! Size didn’t matter…according to the story of David and Goliath, did it? Thank God there were their owners together! LOL

Credits: ebooAngel72's channel

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He must be the luckiest person of the world or a stuntman...Unbelievable and really insane!

You won't definitely believe your eyes watching this crazy dash cam footage! They are on the road and suddenly a motorcyclist tries to make a dangerous pass on a highway and crashes into the trunk of another car...The end is not what anyone would expect to be...Thank God!
Miraculously, the motorcyclist somehow executes a perfect front flip onto the roof of the car, even sticking the landing. Absolute insanity...I can' t tell for sure if he is the luckiest person on the whole world at least that day or he has done it before as a part of his job, because this man should definitely be a stuntman to do it! Please don't try it! This is something that happens once!

Credits: quiksilver9072

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Must see this turned out to be the easiest rescue ever...Really who could abandon this cute dog?

Hope For Paws got a call about a homeless dog on the streets of Los Angeles. Often abandoned by their owners and sometimes the victims of abuse, the animals can be skittish, scared and initially wary of human touch. When they approached, they had no idea how she would react. To be honest, Jill isn’t much of a challenge, as her hunger and friendliness cause her to run right over to Victoria. Jill was living on the streets for a while, but as soon as she spotted Victoria, she just came to her, and after a few bites from the cheeseburger, she kissed her as a thank you. How could someone abandon a dog, let alone such a sweetheart?
Eldad Hagar has been fostering hundreds of animals through Hope for Paws, an organization he co-founded, in an effort to help animals that suffer from negligence and abuse. Thanks to those people many dogs are rescued every day…however it is a home that they need the most! If you are in a search of a dog, don't hesitate puppies which left alone on the street have so much love and gratitude to give!

Credits: Eldad Hagar

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