Sunday, July 27, 2014

The most perfectly weird striptease as part of an enlightening interview! A live deep confession...about how much we should love and respect our body...Our unique and enduring home ever!

"I have no idea where this guy got off thinking it was acceptable devoting one paragraph to my politics and three to my appearance." This sentence was the triggering event for this amazing video.

Meet Meredith Graves, the singer for the band Perfect Pussy. In this video you will hear an honest confession about a little girl grown up to be the smart one and not the pretty one. She mentions how men especially are so strict with her appearance and how much she has struggled to have an acceptable one...for them! Until she realized that looks isn't the most important and by trying to be pretty for others you don't achieve to love yourself and you body!
It's a must see video, just to realize how all of us get entrapped to outer appearance and lose the real meaning of life which isn't definitely what others think of us, on the opposite if we like ourselves is something that we can transmit to others too! Self-confidence emerges from inside! Just press play!
So why is a woman in her underwear to talk about the difficulty of being judged on her appearance? The makers of this video are interested in exploring how style really comes from within. I couldn't agree more with this amazing method they choose to promote that feeling comfortable with your body can never be provocative! Punk or un-punk, she reveals a sensitive character, full of wisdom and self esteem! At the end what it counts is definitely not some cloth but some really enlightening words from the heart!

Credits: stylelikeu

Can our body be the shelter of disgusting creatures? Unfortunately the answer is...YES. YUCK!

I was aware that a human body has all these tiny micro organisms hosted in particular parts of the body which is normal and natural...but besides the fact I haven't seen them, I could never imagine that they could ever look like the ones below! It's definitely yucky, but these real living organisms may now be inside your body. To watch it, please remove any aliment from your mouth or anywhere near you!

Tapeworm – This vile scum lives in your digestive tract and there are no signs or symptoms. The only way to know for sure if you have a Tapeworm is to inspect your stool and look for parts of the parasite.
Scabies – These abominations cause an intense skin infection causing rashes and itching.
Roaches – You may want to sleep with earplugs if you have an roach infestation because they are the most common bug to go wandering into your ear.
Loa Loa – This nightmarish ghoul can enter the human through any entry point, but where they end up is particularly horrifying. They are known to travel through your body and finally settle in your eyes. NOPE.
Earwigs – While it is a rarity, earwigs have been known from times to time to come hang out in your ear canal just to freak you out.
Candiru – You better hope you don’t encounter this pervert. This disgusting fish is attracted to ammonia, which humans release in urine, so the Candiru has been known to swim up flowing urine and infect the genitals.
Hookworm – These vampiric creatures live in your intestines and feast on your blood, which can cause an iron deficiency.
Moths – Common Moths have been known to go crawling through your ears every now and then and it is extremely hard to remove, doctors have to carefully remove them with tweezers.
Maggots – These repugnant creatures have been found all over humans, though majority of infections occur in the scalp. Avoid garbage cans, dead animals, and rotten food if you don’t want a coiffure resident.
June Bugs – These beetles have been found in several ear and mouths of people, causing hearing disturbances.
Human Botfly – Unfortunately, this gross atrocity can lay it’s eggs basically anywhere on/in you. Botflies have been found under human skin, in the mouth, and even in the eyes. *Shudders*
Rather gross I must admit. In fact I couldn't stop itching while I was writing this! I will definitely clean twice my bedroom and check my bed several times before I go to bed tonight! Really are our bodies so attractive? And if so, why should they attract this kind of creatures...I am sorry for the inconvenience, but knowledge is better than ignorance! It will save you a lot of trouble!

Source: Viralnova

The spooky secret of a bridal shop in Mexico...The corpse bride!

Have you ever walked into a clothing store, only to be frightened by a very scary mannequin? We've all been there! This is a scary story that along with a myth can totally blow off your mind!
A reddit user shared a story about a mannequin in a bridal shop in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico. The shop "La Popular" has a mannequin in their front window that is rumored to not be a mannequin at all, but an embalmed corpse. Take a look at these pictures and decide for yourself. The detail you’ll be able to see on this corpse bride is incredible.

La Pascualita or Little Pascuala is a bridal mannequin that has “lived” in a store window in Chihuahua, Mexico for the past 75 years. That is quite a long time for a bridal gown shop to retain a mannequin, but then the dummy has a rather strange history behind it.

According to an urban legend, La Pascualita isn’t a dummy at all, but the perfectly preserved corpse of the previous owner’s daughter.
Not long after her debut, the locals began to suspect that La Pascualita was actually the body of the owner’s daughter.
Pascuala’s daughter, whose name has been lost to history, died tragically from a Black Widow spider bite on her wedding day.
Pascuala denied that the mannequin was her daughter. But the rumor had already taken on a life of its own, and no one believed her.
It’s said that at night La Pascualita will sometimes shift positions in the window, and her eyes will follow you around the store.
For years, the story of La Pascualita has been drawing loads of visitors, including media personalities, from all over Mexico to Chihuahua.
Now, people from South America, the US and Europe have also started paying visits to the corpse bride. People smudge their noses up against the shop window, staring at the dummy, trying to figure out if she is real or not.
They are taken in by her mesmerizing gaze and realistic-looking features. Most people walk away convinced that she has to be real..
Of course not everyone is convinced La Pascualita is a corpse. Some say she may actually be a wax dummy. But although most Chihuahua locals are convinced La Pacualita is actually a well preserved corpse, the Internet is full of explanations as to why that couldn’t possibly be true. Real or not, she is still kind of freaky. See what your friends think of sharing the post on Facebook

Source: Viralnova

An absolutely stunning video...The rescue of a stranded pod of dolphins returning all to the ocean safely!

As a tourist was at the beach to pass another ordinary day in Arraial do Cabo in Brazil when he spotted something odd in the ocean. As soon as he realized what was going on, he began filming immediately. The video (below) shows the pod dragged closer and closer to shore, seemingly by a strong current, until the animals lie stranded on the beach itself. Thrashing their bodies and making high-pitched squeals, they become stuck in the wet sand and are unable to swim back out to sea.
People approach, at first unsure of what to do, but soon cooperating to drag the dolphins back into the water by their tails.
The entire pod was returned to safety within a couple of minutes. Beachgoers broke into cheers and applause as the dolphins swam away.
The relief on their faces as each dolphin is successfully transferred back to the water is contagious.
This is something you don't see every day (or really any day). Thanks to the immediate reaction of the sunbathers this incident had a happy ending! Team work always has great results!

Credits: crariyo

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I've never seen such a vicious how a spider captures a giant wasp...I am totally freaked out!

This giant swap was already convicted as it couldn't fly. In the video below two guys decided to put the wasp near the web of their peculiar neighbor...a garden spider! Watch the uneven fight between the two creatures...What is going to prevail? The instinct of survival or this of nutrition?
You'll be surprised by the velocity of this spider, as in a flash, she attacks and starts knitting her web around the insect. The wasp is struggling, looking like an alive mummy, but soon it all will be over as it's going to paralyze and die of asphyxia...
This is nature and its rules...
The weaker is the one who dies in order to survive the stronger! Unfortunately the result of the uneven fight was prescribed. But what is more shocking is how a spider stilled her prey...freaking awesome!

Credits: 469jh

A hilarious spying that reveals though a shocking truth! Find out how easy it is for someone to hack into your webcam and your life...frightening!

Jack decided to hack into his friends' and family's webcam and spied on them to demonstrate how easy it is for Hackers and even the government, to spy on people. You will be laughing out loud from their like watching a spoof of a scary movie! However the scary part is that, this can be happening for real!
Brilliantly funny and at the same time amazingly shocking! I couldn't resist laughing but we all should resist to their out of line indiscretion. As they hide behind excuses like to avoid dangerous people, the government can spy on us freely! Not that funny I admit!

Credits: Jack Vale Films