Monday, December 22, 2014

Hold Your Breath For This Daredevil Ski Line! OMG!

To call it completely crazy the most famous sites and become viral on the internet is something that cannot easily achieve each ski video!
Cody Townsend takes big mountain skiing to an entirely new level, straight-lining one of the gangliest vertical chutes deep in the Alaska Tordrillo Mountain Range.
Rightly so, the Cody Townsend, protagonist of the above amazing clip, won not one but three of the recognized awards Powder Video Awards: 'Best Male Performance', 'Best Line' and 'Full Throttle'!

Enough said though! See the line of the Year of the movie Days Of My Youth in the following video:
Isn't he something else? I would have given him another award..."The Most Daredevil Athlete of the Year"! I can't even imagine what he was thinking or how he must have felt crossing that line...Speechless!

Credits: Red Bull

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A Natural Miracle...That Will Definitely Love! WOW!

According to the Bible the only one who could walk on the surface of the sea was Jesus...well, here are two hikers walking on a mountain lake with extremely clear water somewhere in Slovakia’s High Tatras Mountains, the big difference...the lake is frozen, however the sight is unique!
The High Tatras are a mountain range along the border of northern Slovakia in the PreŇ°ov Region, and southern Poland in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The High Tatras features 17 peaks over 2,500 metres (8,200 ft) above sea level. It is the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains and houses many lakes.

Ice walking can be very dangerous, but many people attempt it for the adrenaline rush and beautiful views. Even if I love living on the edge I am not sure I would attempt something like that! However I really enjoyed it! I hope you did too!

Credits: Tomas N

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Cat Invites her Dog Friends For Festive Dinner...Hilariously Brilliant!

You have been inviting your friends for festive dinner for many is a scenario of how it would look like if our pets could do so!
Some people just treat their pets like humans. And that's totally fine. They dress them up in sweaters and jackets, put little booties on their feet, talk to them like some cross between a BFF and a furry toddler, even cook and feed them human food. They are our companions....
These lucky animals enjoy a proper holiday feast fit for a king, courtesy of Freshpet. The adorable animals showed up in their finest attire, including their own personal set of human hands. Watch as thirteen dogs and one cat hilariously attempt to eat with forks and knives at a fancy dinner table.
Imaginative and extremely hilarious...I wish my dog would have the same manners at the table and even some of my human friends...Ha ha!

Credits: Freshpet

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This Really Tragic End...Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes! Watch It...It May Save Your Life!

A grieving father, visited the cemetery on the fourth anniversary of his 6-year-old daughter’s death where he used his cell phone to record his plea asking those who have drinking problems to get help now and never drive drunk.
Rick Ellis lost his 6-year old daughter Lindsey to a drunk driver who loved having fun, partying, staying up late and drinking whiskey. Rick, the heartbroken dad, stood at Lindsey’s grave and recorded this emotional plea dedicated to those who drink and drive so that they can rethink their ways and save lives.
Rick Ellis is determined to show the tragedy that can result from a night of partying. In the video Ellis says:
“I’m going to show you something that is the end result of your party on Friday nights, Saturday nights, whenever.”
Ellis then pans the video to his daughter’s grave. Ellis becomes extremely emotional when talking about the reason his daughter was taken from him so early.

Who was the drunk driver? Her own mother!
The pair died in Beaumont Mississippi, after the drunk mother tried to drive home to Arkansas from Gulf Shores, Alabama, after her boyfriend beat her up. Both the mother and child were killed instantly in the crash.
Ellis’ video has gone viral, touching people around the country who have lost relatives.
This is the first time a post has made me cry...So much! The pain that man is carrying is terrible. Prayers for him. This is very humbling, sad and a great message.

Credtits: Rick Ellis

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Monday, December 15, 2014

What Inspired This Man May Surprise You...What He Created From It...Extremely Gorgeous!

Caves have a natural beauty to them, as anyone who has been to Carlsbad Caverns can tell you, but Ra Paulette is an expert. Artist Ra Paulette has spent the last decade excavating tunnels and passageways, and carving designs and benches in the sandstone cliffs in northern New Mexico. He spends his time carving a sandstone cave that he found, turning it into a wonderful subterranean space full of light.
With no one but his dog for company, Paulette created different designs and styles for every cavern, giving each one very specific qualities and textures.
It is a unique creation that will blow away your mind! These stunning caves and their intricate patterns are a real work of art.
The thought of spending so much time underground without human contact might make some feel claustrophobic, but to this artist, it’s a calling. Paulette turns the caverns into beautiful underground sculptures that honor New Mexico.
Calling it his final and most ambitious project, the 68-year-old's art caves are decorated with unique patterns as holes carved into the walls or ceilings fill rooms with natural light.
As you can see age doesn't matter if there is a goal. I think New Mexico will have more visitors this year as this place is a must see!

Credits: CBS Sunday Morning

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He Could Be The Protagonist Of A Science Fiction Film...And His Story...A Mystery!

An emerald green cat spotted in the streets of Varna has been dazzling locals with its striking coat which is growing greener by the day. However, the cause of the feline's unusual pigmentation remains a mystery...
This cat may look like the subject of someone's imaginative Photoshop skills, but he actually spends his days walking around the Black Sea area of Bulgaria featuring the vibrant green fur in real life.
So what's behind the cat's odd look? At first animal lovers and local residents assumed the emerald-green feline was the handiwork of vandals and even started a Facebook page calling for "Punishment to the perpetrator of this criminal act."
But the mystery of the emerald feline has finally been solved. The cat has been sleeping on a pile of powdered paint cans, taking on more of the bright color every time it takes a nap.
While it looks a bit dangerous, it's believed that the paint is not toxic since the cat has been seen licking itself, and has not yet fallen ill.
So far, efforts to capture the cat and clean it or inspect it for health issues have been unsuccessful.
However, neither the cat nor its friends seem very bothered by its peculiar coat!
Hopefully, the paint this particular cat is sleeping near is non-toxic. Beautiful or not this is something that shouldn't have happened. I think they should attempt to catch him and remove the color so as he returns to his ordinary looks...It's time to end his career as the mystery green cat and go back to his ordinary life! Make sure you don’t try any of this…just to see how your pet would look like!

Credits: RuptlyTV

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