Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This Little Red Human On The Traffic Light Warns You To Stand Still...Well Not Exactly...Groovy!

The creative minds at Smart (the company that developed the Smart car) have conceptualized a new way to guide pedestrians safely across the street—by throwing a dance party. Instead of the usual red traffic light shaped like a stationary man to signal people traveling on foot to remain on the sidewalk, the company has devised a light that keeps pedestrians occupied with a dancing man.
The superb idea though doesn't stop there...a few meters away they have placed a dance room on a square in Lisbon, Portugal and invited random pedestrians to go into the box and dance. Their movements were then displayed on a few traffic lights in real time. This resulted in 81% more people stopping and waiting at those red lights!
Many pedestrians who do not pay attention to traffic lights and crossing the street with such comfort that they do not care that they are at risk. What an imaginative thought to reduce the accidents! A red man is dancing for pedestrians' eyes only! Amazing combination of safety and fun!

Credits: smart

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A Rescue With Great Obstacles From An Angry Dad! Far Out!

A baby swan found itself in a terrible predicament. It was stuck in a fence! Simon Cowell, founder of the Wildlife Aid Foundation, got a call to rescue the cygnet near England's River Thames. However the the wildlife worker faced the challenge of a very protective adult male swan, or cob...who was right behind Cowell the whole time, slapping him with his massive wings and hissing, as the cygnet squeals in fear!
Fortunately, Cowell was unfazed by the hissing, swatting adult swan, understanding that the cob was nervous about this human intervention...and finally releases the baby swan and brings it back to its parents!
The result was a happy swans' family and a bruised man! Swans are deeply protective of their babies and personal space, and will do everything in their majestic power to keep them safe! That's why this woman called an expert!

Credits: Wildlife Aid

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

It Was Just A Rainy Day...And As He Drives Off His Garage A Tornado Breaks Out And Tears Down Everything! Shocking!

It definitely wasn't a good day for a ride...but thank God he did at least try to drive off his car out of the garage. Russia's weather and driving conditions are rarely for the faint of heart, but this footage of an encounter between a Russian driver, his garage, and a tornado will blow you out of the water.
The video, captured by a dashboard camera shows a driver backing out of a garage onto a dirt road — and straight into a roaring storm.
As the car backs out of the garage, the rain and gusts of wind seem to pick up strength, blowing over trees and picking up dirt and debris.
The driver wisely changes his mind about the timing of his outing, wanting to return to the garage he just left, but all of a sudden the garage is no more...
After the winds have died down, the scale of destruction becomes clear, although the Toyota RAV 4 car has escaped serious damage. Wow, what about a new ad for Toyota...the untouchable, at least almost, comparing to what happened to the house or the garage...LOL

Credits: ViralHog

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This Will Definitely Make Your Day! A Heart Melting Reunion! Awesome!

This pit bull puppy is being reunited with the man who rescued him, and could not possibly be any happier to see him again. Mojo was so excited to see Joey Wagner to thank him for removing him from a life of misery and torture.
Just a week ago, he was too weak to eat and suffering from from severe mange. He had been surrendered to a Nova Scotia shelter. When Joey Wagner, who runs Baie Ste. Marie Animal Society, saw the pup he "knew he wanted to live" so his group decided to do everything they could to save him.
Wagner carried the dog out of his life of torture, and back to the animal shelter for some much needed TLC. After undergoing weeks of treatment, doctors and nursing staff weren’t sure if the dog would remember Wagner or his heroic rescue.
Watching the video you will find out that the 4-month-old puppy not only remembered him but he jumps on him trying to kiss him, hug him and doesn't seem to want to leave the safety of his arms!
This is a super sweet video! Joey decided to keep Mojo and offer him a safe and caring home to live! I am sure their bond will be tighter and this friendship will last forever! That fills my heart with happiness!

Credits: Puppies Lovers

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Man's Composure And Knowledge of First Aid...Saved This Dying Dog! Incredible!

Sugar and her owner had an amazing bond! So when they both attended an obedience class at Canyon Crest K-9 Training Center, Sugar had a seizure. Sugar’s owner cried hysterically as her four-year-old dog lay motionless on the grass.
So it was a good job the head of a Washington dog training centre stayed calm and came up with the idea of performing CPR on the boxer to get him breathing again.
Ron Pace, who has been training dogs for almost four decades, was filmed giving chest compressions to Tiffany Kauth’s dog as he lay still on the ground in Tacoma.
Pace's assistant was videotaping what was going on, to give to the dog's veterinarian later. After giving the dog a quick breath, Pace continued the compressions.
After two minutes of CPR, Sugar came back!
After seeing the vet, Kauth learned Sugar likely has a heart condition and has to take it easy from now on. So amazing — what an incredible hero for remaining so calm and cool under pressure, and for utilizing his life-saving skills with such expertise! Congratulations! This is something all pet parents should know!

Credits: Rugby World Cup 2011

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Amazing Race Between A Sprinter And A Train! Guess Who's Winning?

The Tube in London is a really quick way to cover distances between places you want to be, as this metropolis among others around the world is suffering from traffic jam! However this pedestrian sprinter raced the London Tube train from Mansion House to Cannon Street (one stop distance). James Heptonstall has proved that travelling on foot could literally win the train!
In a daredevil challenge of man versus machine, the 30-year-old England burst out through the train’s open doors, sprinted fearlessly up flights of steps and belted through city streets in an attempt to beat it to the next stop.
He finally made it back on to the train with seconds to spare and was applauded by his fellow passengers!
James Heptonstall filmed his 380m sprint from London’s Mansion House to Cannon Street station while his friend Noel Carroll took the Circle Line Tube for the same journey. The pair created a video of the stunt, which included climbing 75 steps and passing through two ticket barriers, using GoPro cameras! Both men are trained athletes - Mr Heptonstall is an open touch rugby player for England and Mr Carroll is a coach at the Arsenal FC academy. So please do not attempt something similar...!

Credits: Epic Challenges

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