Friday, September 19, 2014

"Numbers and History" Add Some Really Interesting Knowledge To All Americans And Others Interested! Enlightening For Sure!

America may have been discovered recently and counting only some centuries of civilized development...however today is a powerful economy and a considerable force!
Being an American is a privilege as this country still offers opportunities, but how well do Americans know their country and its history? After finishing school a great amount of people lose their interest in history and looking up information. But that is why there is the Internet! In just a few rows you will learn some really interesting details about this country and its past and present which will find educative! These are all true as the research is based in real numbers! Some of them will make you laugh and some others will definitely blow your mind!

1.) 1 out of every 8 Americans have been employed by McDonald's at some point.
2.) Apple has more money than the U.S. Treasury.
3.) In Montana, cows out number people 3 to 1.
4.) 1 American consumes the same amount of resources as 32 Kenyans.
5.) The first person to own a slave in America was a black man.
6.) College athletes are are treated like celebrities when in all actuality, they are just students taking part in an extracurricular activity.
7.) Though most Americans speak English, we have no official national language.
8.) 1 out every 3 Americans is obese.
9.) Roughly 25% of Americans believe in reincarnation.
10.) It is actually completely legal for underage kids to smoke cigarettes, but it is illegal for them to purchase them.
11.) Medical errors are the 6th leading cause of death in the US.
12.) Virginia has birthed more presidents than any other state.
13.) 27% of Americans don't believe we landed on the moon.
14.) If you have $10 in your pocket and no debt, you are wealthier than 25% of Americans.
15.) 100 acres of pizza are served in the US every day.
16.) Americans spend roughly 4.4 years of their life at each of their jobs.
17.) The Library of Congress is keeping an archive of every tweet ever tweeted.
18.) During prohibition the government started poisoning beer, which led to thousands of deaths.
19.) 40% of births in America are from unmarried women.
20.) 22 million chickens are consumed in the US every day.
21.) America is one of the only countries to display their flag almost everywhere.
Well? Don't you feel better knowing things like that about your country? Some of them should make us think to change our life style and some others to be proud of our country! And don't forget...Facts are objective...people's thoughts and comments are subjective, so the comments are yours!

Source: Viralnova

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You Won't Believe Your Eyes Watching This Squirrel's Amazing Battle To Protect The Corps Of His Dead Fellow! Unbelievable!

This brave squirrel proved that friendship is not a privilege of humans! You couldn't have a better friend than this little fellow right here. After his friend was run over by a car, he continues to fight off crows to protect his body. His stand against overwhelming odds and the formidable devotion shown by such a small animal will make your heart melt!

The clip begins with him tentatively edging towards a solitary crow which is preparing to feast on the carcass which lies on a road. Unsettled by the squirrel's approach the crow backs off and, emboldened, the rodent edges forward until he is standing over his friend's body. When the crow lurches forward to take a peck, the squirrel jumps and frightens it off. The squirrel continually waves his tail in warning but then another crow steps up fancying its chances. The plucky rodent then stands on its hind legs, poised for a stand-off. With its adversaries retreating, the brave animal takes the opportunity to wash its paws in preparation for the next bout!
Even in the animal kingdom, a friendship is something worth fighting for. “Forever” is something that this squirrel definitely meant and stood for! This story may be sad and touching but is also a lesson for all humans!

Credits: Break

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Abandoned And Really Scared Was Left To Die...Until, Once More The Hope For Paws Showed Up! So touching!

This pitbull faced the cruelest side of human beings as she was left to die by her owners, who stranded her in a remote and fenced off government property. Struggling with starvation and loneliness she had nothing but to expect to die...Thanks to a Good Samaritan who spotted her out in the desert and left food to eat and alerted Hope For Paws, this adorable animal survived!

In time the Los Angeles-based animal rescue group Hope For Paws came to rescue her!
As the canine despite her breed was too scared to approach her would-be rescuers, Eldad Hagar and his team at Hope For Paws found a way to lure her in… with a yummy cheeseburger.
As seen in the video bellow, Hope For Paws volunteers did manage to rescue her by setting a cage trap and pretending to drive away. Once safe, she stayed in the trap's cage until they arrived back at the rescue.
They named her Bunny and when she was out of the cage back at the rescue shelter, her lovable spirit really showed. It was very clear that all she wanted was to be loved. It's one of those times I feel ashamed to be called human! We are the greatest of the creatures living on Earth, but sometimes we become worthless...

Let's hope Bunny will eventually find a caring home and people who will love her!

Credits: Eldad Hagar

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Not Only Skillful But Amazingly Speedy...Although You Have To Wait Until The End To Find Out What He Painted! Brilliant!

You definitely won't believe your eyes when you see this man's amazing talent! D. Westry was one of the contestants at the “Anderson’s Viewers Got Talent” competition and while the judges and the audience started to show their disappointment as he had claimed he could made a real painting in less than 90 seconds he managed to blow their minds literally at the last second!
Watching this video you will probably feel the same, as it is impossible to figure out what he is up to until the end! It's magical! WHOA!
Speedy and amazing! He deserved the applause and everybody's respect! Being able to paint like that shows a great talent! Excellent work! I was pretty shocked with the result...didn't you feel the same?

Credits: Anderson

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This Is The Most Incredible Dancing Dog Act That Will Definitely Thrill You! Just Wonderful!

There are so many words to describe a dog and countless feelings these amazing companion can make you feel! But when it comes to Chandi you can add more...
When Tina and her dog Chandi came onstage, the judges of Britain’s Got Talent didn't seem impressed as Tina was dressed with plain clothes, no real make-up, and a regular-looking dog at her side... But as soon as the music started – everything changed!
Watch their amazing duet performance and you will be stunned!
The rescue dog Chandi showed off ballet and quickstep moves with her owner Tina Humphrey, 37, from Shropshire. Their amazing performance thrilled the audience and the judges! I can't imagine how many hours of practice must have taken them to achieve it! I bet their bond is deep and real! What an amazing dog and really really talented!

Credits: dashadowdogg

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Can A Police Control Be So Cool? This Is An Amazing Prank!

Usually getting pulled over is the worst...It makes you nervous!
But in a recent promotion for Wall’s Ice Cream, a group of police officers in Quincy, California decided to give people a new impression of cops, showing them that being stopped by cops can sometimes be something good...
In Quincy, it is against the law to drive without ice cream - at least according to a hilarious new ad featuring local cops with a sense of humor and a sweet tooth.
In the commercial advertising Wall's Ice Cream, a group of officers from Quincy pulled over a half-dozen unsuspecting motorists - only to surprise them with Cornetto ice cream cones. Cool right?
However I am not quite sure if their heart beats became normal soon after the prank! During each traffic stop, the drivers appear tense and filled with apprehension in the face of a looming traffic ticket as officers ask them routine questions like, 'How many people do you have on board' and, 'Are you familiar with vehicle code section 33942?'
Let's hope they all enjoyed their free ice cream after all!
With all the terrible headlines these days, it’s nice to see a lighthearted video that brightens up the barriers between officers and citizens.

Credits: Wall's Ice Cream

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