19 Hilarious Home Improvement Fails

When taking on home improvement projects, many people are intimidated. It’s hard to know how just everything inside of a house works. Unfortunately, 19 poor souls attempted projects that weren’t so much home improvements as they were home wreckers. At least Tim the Toolman Taylor isn’t around to see these atrocities:

1.) An insecure fence

2.) The backwards toilet

3.) An over-excited sink

4.) The confused floor tile

5.) A floor tile without a goal

6.) The branded house

7.) The drawers that were doomed to fail

8.) The driveway cars can’t use

9.) The “green” driveway

10.) The Salvidor Dali window

11.) A set of BFF urinals

12.) The urinal where you clean as you pee

13.) The lack of privacy toilet

14.) The value light

15.) A door handle’s lament

16.) An ill-fated shelf

17.) The door leading to nowhere

18.) The door that wishes it were a window

19.) The toilet paper holder of death


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