20 Unbelievable Photos That Are Not Photoshopped

1. The Southern Sky Columnis located in the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China. It’s nickname is Avatar Hallelujah Mountain after the floating mountains in the sci-fi movie.

2. These wave rock formations are located near the Utah-Arizona state lines.

3. Steve Richards may have adjusted the saturation in this image, but this place really exists!

4. This picture was taken by Eric Nguyen in Kansas.

5. Sinkholes are real and terrifying! This particular sinkhole was found in Guatemala City in 2010. It was 18m (60ft) wide, and 60m (200ft) deep.

6. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are actually playing tennis on a water court.

7. If you are rich, you can inscribe your name on anything! Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan is a billionaire and part of the Abu Dhabi royal family. He decided to inscribe his name permanently onto his private island. You can see for yourself on Google Maps.

8. Railroad track damage from the Canterbury Earthquake in 2010.

9. For some reason, these sports spectators decided to put watermelons on their heads.

10. Just a fluffy sheep dog jumping over a hurdle.

11. This Baird’s Tapir is just showing the flexibility of his nose.

12. Nobody knows the reason why this squirrel is purple, but it was found in a Pennsylvania backyard in February of 2012.

13. Two-faced cat!

14. And now for a real two-faced cat! Frank and Louie just turned 12 years old and is the world’s oldest two-faced cat.

15. It really is a fish with human-like teeth. HORRIFYING!

16. Lurch is a Watusi Bull and the proud owner of the world’s largest horns.

17. Angles are everything!

18. This beekeeper is actually covered in 331,000 bees. Bee-lieve it!

19. Sheep ambushes can really happen to you.

20. This cat is really this fat, and he really needs a home.

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