Coming in a Close Contact with the World's Largest Anaconda Ever !

The bravest photographer Franco Banfi

Franco Banfi whose age is 53, is a snake enthusiast and diver by profession. He went to Mato Grosso do Sul region in South America to closely observe and take pictures of this enormous beast.
Living on the Thickest Forest

This region lies in the heart of South America and is known for its greenery and natural beauty. The name ‘Mato Grosso do Sul’ means ‘Thick forest of the south’.
10 days without any safety measures

This brave man joined these giant anacondas in their natural habitat for ten odd days with only his camera without any armed protection.
Just six but they are the Largest

During his trip, he observed six female anacondas, the largest of all living snakes and he ran closer to them to take these close-up shots.

Happy that he wasn't noticed

The huge predator calmly led his normal life, swimming in the turbid waters of the river, basking in the sun after a meal, not paying too much attention to the emboldened man with a camera.
They usually attack, but they didn't attack him

The anaconda snakes coil themselves and wait for their prey silently. They immediately attack on seeing their prey which includes fish and rodents. But somehow he dodged from its eyes.

Another prey made him to escape from becoming a target

"Of course, anything is possible, but I do not think she would have eaten me. Fortunately for me, anaconda just swallowed his next prey, and did not look me in the second course. I was so close to her that I could touch it, if I wanted to, of course, " said the 53 year old photographer.
Their strength and their lifestyle

The anaconda is almost entirely aquatic lifestyle. She kept quiet, of oblong sleeves rivers, sloughs, oxbow lakes and small lakes Amazon and Orinoco. The adult anacondas in nature almost no enemies.
Fear of Death

"At first it was very scary because I had never before so did not come close to the snakes, everyone knows that they are very dangerous. But I realized that nothing would happen, if with respect to these entities. At the very least, they are big and you can see their reaction and behavior, " said Franco.
Larger than the known one

Currently, the largest known giant anaconda has a length of 9 meters and a weight of 130 kg, it is located in the New York Zoological Society.
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