These 20 Photos Were Taken A SECOND Before Disaster Struck. OMG!

Each of us experience embarrassment from time to time… but it’s NOTHING like what these 20 people had to live through. Moments after these pictures were taken, their worlds were ripped apart. And it’s absolutely hilarious. It seriously doesn’t get better than this.

1. Taken before he had to sit on a donut for the rest of the year.
2. Taken before the dog got seriously addicted to chips.
3.Taken before gravity finally won
4.Taken before she realized jumping off of a swing was a really stupid idea
5.Taken before that lady even realized she was falling
6.Taken before some hot surfer chicks got a little cooled off
7.Taken before realizing just HOW MUCH this was going to hurt
8.Taken before realizing BMX was maybe just not for him
9.Taken before saying maybe the bag broke
10.Taken before everyone else got covered in slobber
11.Taken before he ruined her night
12.Taken before making their teen daughter hate them
13.Taken before realizing maybe going to a concert was a bad idea
14.Taken before spending thousands on facial reconstruction sugery
15.Taken before an awful, awful fight
16.Taken before deciding to maybe put the goat back outside
17.Taken before realizing that she was on FIRE that night… literally
18.Taken before getting 240 likes on Facebook
19.Taken before the most epic snowball fight of all time
20.Taken before thinking about how holding onto the bike is probably a good idea

I hope their egos healed. And their faces.
Δευτέρα, Νοεμβρίου 11, 2013 |
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