18 Perfectly Timed Photos You Must See

Taking a once in a lifetime photograph is something just about everyone tries to get at some point in time. Sometimes it takes years, and other times you’re just in the right place at the right time. These 18 photos mostly consist of the latter. Right place, right time, perfect photo. These are great.

The biker forgot to say cheese.

A bird catches lunch in its mouth.

Where do you think you’re going, Mr. Plane?

It was the most explosive touchdown of the game.


Bring the moon back when you’re done with it, please.

Just move it down to Italy to confuse the tourists. Thanks.

It’s not a man with a fish head. It’s a fish with a human body.

She probably won the gold medal with this mutation.

The Lunar Olympics.

She’s often mistake for a beach at the supermarket.

A $4 ice cream gone just like that.

Playing with the sunset.

King Ref wants nothing to do with this discussion.

Lady Liberty cannot be phased.

At the same time? Amazing.

When he saw this picture later, he needed to change his underwear.

And finally… a squirrel photobombs a timed shot of this couple!


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