They Found A Secret Door In Their Attic. Just Wait Til You See What Was Inside…OMG.

When some new people moved into this house in Norway, their landlord said he heard there was a secret room somewhere in the house. Well, when you hear that, what’s the first and only thing you’re going to do? Find said secret room, of course.

And they did. And it revealed something awesome…and a little bit eerie.

Hmmm, there’s the attic door we always see.

Okay, so it has a ladder going up to it. That’s normal so far.

So there’s the attic. Wait, what’s that?

It’s another door!

Time to go inside…

It’s a secret room from World War 2! Since this was in Norway, it was likely used by the underground movement against the Nazis when Germany controlled the country. They would listen to English radio and release underground newspapers with the information. If these people were caught, they would be in serious trouble. That’s why the room is so secretive.

A sign written in Norwegian.

Roughly translated (and I mean very roughly), it says “If you have a bad stomach, then you don’t have access.”

The alarm which was presumably to alert others there’s trouble and to get into the room.

The map was probably used to track where the fighting was happening based on the radio news they could pick up.

A mysterious shoe of a doll remained here, indicating children were hiding here as well.
Now that I’ve seen this, it’s time to search my entire place for a secret room. That should take about 3 minutes seeing as how I live in a studio. Crap.


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