What This 103 Year Old Woman Did On Her Birthday Is Hilarious. LOLOLOL.

How do you celebrate your grandmother turning a 103 years-old? Well you take her to a casino of course, followed by a meal at an ‘all you can eat crab’ restaurant and then to finish things off, you get her a tattoo…

At least that’s exactly what one grandson did with his grandmother, Evelyn, on her big day (to put that into perspective, she’s lived to see 18 of the 44 Presidents).

Here’s granny having a blast at the casino, about to bet it all on black.
Digging into that all you can eat crab.
She even got a little heart tattoo.
103 year-old Evelyn poses with the tattoo artist afterwards.
103 years old and proud. (Portrait by MichaelClinard.com)

What’s amazing is that she looks like she could go on for another 20 years.

Τρίτη, Δεκεμβρίου 24, 2013 |
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