You Can Guess As Many Times As You Want. But This Guy’s Work Will Still Surprise You.

Mark Khaisman is an artist and a visionary. What sets him apart from his peers is the method he uses to create his art … and it will leave you thinking one thing – “HUH?” He creates works of art using a simple medium, acrylic paint and a light source behind his canvas. The more you look at these images, the more you’ll realize just how much work went into making them.

Each piece that Mark creates is carefully constructed…
The thickness of the medium and the paint on top play a huge role.
As does the lighting behind each photo.
His focus is on light and shadow… and with these images he is able to directly focus on the balance between the two.
The material he uses is so simple and is disposable in nature…
Because it’s packaging tape.

There is a reason Mark chose this medium, according to his website:

There are some qualities of tape that make it unique for me as an art material: its banality, humbleness and its “throwaway” nature; its default settings of color and width; its unforgiving translucency; the cold and impersonal attitude that tape surface suggests.

True artists can do things most people never even dreamed of doing. This is definitely one of those things.

Τρίτη, Δεκεμβρίου 17, 2013 |
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