You’ll Never Guess What’s At This Spot In the Middle Of Nowhere. My Jaw’s Still On The Floor.

When most people say they “work from home,” they usually mean they sit at their computer in their sweatpants and work online all day. It’s not a bad gig, but it’s nothing like THIS. This woman lives and works out of a tent in the middle of the Transantarctic Mountain Range. These views are sensational.

Her tent (and home) is pitched in the middle of the McMurdo Dry Valleys of the Transantarctic Mountain Range.
She is nestled between the Asgard range (on the right) and the Canadian glacier in the distance and the Commonwealth glacier behind him.

This is the location of her F6 camp in the mountains.

For three months, there were only 3 other people at this location.

They spent a lot of their days hiking in the valleys.

They even staked a bit of it for Colorado.

A glacier in the Dry Valleys, with each of the down slopes being more than 40ft tall.

Every day, she sees scenery that could blow a normal person’s mind, like this giant glacier.
They were observing the melt season, studying the flow of water of the seasonal rivers and streams in Antarctica.

Hiking across Lake Fryxell.

The ranges of glaciers they were privy to were impressive.

Lake Fryxell and the Canada glacier.

Bubbles frozen in the lake.

Lake Fryxell, Canada glacier and the Asgard range.

On the other side of the Canada glacier is another field camp. Once a week the three researchers trek over there to use their simple shower and measure water levels.

A map of Antarctica, showing where the Dry Valleys are.

(A close-up of the same map.)

McMurdo Station is the main base for American research in Antarctica.

“Hiking out to the sea ice pressure ridges near McMurdo station, which are caused when sea ice is pushed into the fast-ice shelf (ice that spreads from Ross island out into the ocean). It’s similar to the way mountain ranges are created by tectonic plates pushing into each other, but with ice.”

The Ross pressure ridges.

More pressure ridges.

Standing next to the dense layers of ice formed at the pressure ridges.

A close-up of the ice layers.

Near Scott Base, the New Zealand station in Antarctica.

Weddell seal taking a nap on the ice as the researchers pass.

Life may seem lonely here, but it is beautiful.

These three researchers officially win the award for the best office view ever.

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