After Taking These Shots, The Photographer Quit His Job. One Look And You’ll See Why… Wow.

Quitting a rough day job to pursue your passion is a dream almost everyone has, even if they don’t admit it. For most, though, it never seems to work out. More often than not, people give up on their dreams and never end up in that small percentage of people lucky enough to embrace their passions full-time. Mike Taylor is different, though. He was an amateur photographer. Then, he took a photo that was so good, made him quit his day job.

He made the right call.

On St. Patrick’s Day 2013, he took a photo of the Northern Lights from a local lighthouse in Maine.
These are the photos that changed his life.
For Mike, it was the “defining moment when I realized I should be teaching other folks how to capture the features of the night sky.”
He was able to capture something magical with his Nikon.
So, the 40 year-old quit his job to chase his dream of photography.
As a result of focusing on his passion, he has been featured on The Weather Channel,, NBC News and other media outlets.
Through his photography, he shows the world what the night sky REALLY looks like.
Because of light pollution, it’s hard for us to see what is happening all around us.
But thanks to some expert skills and manipulation using Lightroom 5 & Photoshop CS5, Mike can show us.
And it’s gorgeous.
It just goes to show you that you should never give up on your dreams. You never know what can happen. Only a year after becoming a professional photographer, Mike has gotten national attention and even offers photography classes to inspire others.

To see more of Mike’s amazing photography, check out his online portfolio or Facebook page. Support his dream and his bravery. Not everyone would have the guts to quit their job to pursue their dreams.

Share Mike’s story with others. Pursuing your dream is something we should all do.

Sources:, Taylor Photography
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