If You Hate Your Neighbors Or Fear A Zombie Apocalypse, This Isolated House Is Absolutely Perfect.

Off the south coast of Iceland there is an island group called Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands in English), and one of those islands is Elliðaey. A tiny little island sticking out of the cold North Atlantic Ocean which is solely populated by seabirds that use the island as a nesting site, particularly puffins. What makes this little island so interesting is the single mysterious house that stands on it.

The only house on Elliðaey island off the coast of Iceland. Some 300 years ago this island was inhabited by five families that lived in huts and survived on fishing, raising cattle on the island and hunting for puffins nesting on its cliffs.
Years later, in 1953, the Hunting Association of Iceland decided to build a lodge on the island for their members to use during the puffin hunting season, that lodge is now the only standing building left on this remote island. The mainland of Iceland can be seen there in the background.
It has no electricity and no internet connection…but it does have a nice sauna. The drinking water is gathered from the atmosphere into a specially made collecting system.
Mowing the lawn would be quite the task.
The whole island in all of its glory.

Unfortunately, only the Hunting Association members have the privilege of staying there, so a weekend cabin trip is out of the question for us. But one thing is certain – this is the perfect place to hide from zombies.

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Sources: viralnova.com, whenonearth.net
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