These 15 Easy Life Hacks Are Guaranteed To Make Life Easier.

There are so many simple ways you can improve your life… and most of them you won’t even realize until you read this article. These “life hacks” are so simple and easy to do, but they’ll change how you live. Do you have a paper and pencil handy?

1. Use velcro tape and you’ll never lose your remotes.
2. Bread and toothpicks can save a birthday cake.
3. A pizza box isn’t just a pizza box.
4. Cut up a tennis ball for an awesome lid opener.
5. MacBook charger or bottle opener?
6. Use a paperclip to help fasten bracelets.
7. Duct tape can give you the strength to open jars.
8. Cut a SOLO cup in half to amplify your laptop speakers.
9. Hate cereal dust (you monster)? Use a colander.
10. How to cut grapes or cherry tomatoes.
11. Cookbook holders are basically free.
12. How to make ONE trip to carry in groceries.
13. Love Doritos so much you want to make them a seasoning?
14. Easy grilled cheese in the toaster.
15. Roasting pans are for wussies.

And there you have it. Your life should now be 10-25% easier. Share this with your friends (if you like them) and you’ll make their lives easier, too.

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