These 20 Genius Ads Brilliantly Make Their Point.

I’d like to think that really clever and honest advertising is an art form. Not just anyone can think of a brilliant way to promote their product while entertaining the consumer. That takes real talent. The 20 advertisements below are just a few examples of how awesome advertisers can be when they put their minds to it (and don’t just use smut to get our attention).

1. Nike stresses dedication and training.
2. Penline Stationary touts its strong tape.
3. Convinced to go to the Calgary Film Festival?
4. I’ve never been so inspired to find a job I like.
5. I think they want you to stop smoking.
6. What are those little pests… wait!
7. Berger apparently has uber natural shades of paint.
8. MMMM, treats from Nestle heaven!
9. Even other billboards want Mars bars.
10. Vazir Breveries makes a compelling argument to not drink and drive.
11. The Elm Grove Police show you the ugly truth. Slow down.
12. UNICEF raises awareness for water conservation/cleanliness concerns in a unique way.
13. Toys Direct reminds grown up commuters where to go for holiday shopping.
14. Pepperidge Farms reminds you JUST how soft their bread is.
15. Science World gives passers by a quick beaver lesson.
16. Mr. Clean makes a pretty good point.
17. I think we get the microscopic point, Orion Telescopes.
18. Don’t like bumpy cellulite (or couches)? Nivea has a solution for you.
19. You may want to be careful when using WMF knives.
20. This hair removal product is either really easy… or really creepy.

Advertisements are an amazing medium for people to show their creativity. These 25 ads should get some kind of award.

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