This Is Definitely Illegal And Definitely Insane. I Just Can’t Believe These Guys Really Do This.

Meet Kirill Oreshkin, he’s one of the many Russian thrill seekers that have taken up the seemingly insane stunt of climbing high buildings, radio masts and bridges all over Russia.

These crazy young daredevils clamber up as much as 1,000 feet up the sides of buildings all in the name of excitement, and all without a safety harness.

Hundreds of young Russians have started taking part in this dangerous craze that is sweeping across Russian cities.
The youngsters usually get into the buildings by climb through an open door or through a hole they find, then it’s just a case of making it to the building’s antenna and reaching for the skies.
The view from the top of this building’s antenna is very impressive, looking over the whole of Moscow. But is it really worth the risk?
Kirill climbs up buildings across the city without any safety gear… not that a helmet would help him much should he fall from this height.
These extreme climbers don’t seem to be put off by freezing weather and the prospect of ice.
Kirill classifies himself as an “urban explorer”. Personally I like to explore bridges such as this from the ground.
Hopefully those climber below are just messing around and haven’t just fallen to their death.
This picture is my worst nightmare. I commend those that have no fear of heights, but at least my fear will keep me from falling to my death.

Just looking at these crazy pictures made my palms sweaty and I felt my heart rate accelerate.

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Sources:, Kirill Oreshkin on 500px
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