Artist Igor Morski takes us to his dream world by creating unbelievable surreal illustations.

Igor Morski is a Polish painter, illustrator, scenographer and graphic designer with quite a style. His work is very detailed and very intriguing like most surreal art, but his images look so real they give the sensation of photographs from a magical world.
In 1980 he starts his art education at the PWSSP in Poznan. Apart from his work as an artist, Morski was an art director, co-owner of a graphic studio, lecturer of photography and multimedia studies at Poznan ASP and has been collaborating with the nationwide weekly magazine WPROST.
With numerous press illustrations, posters, TV scenographies, logotypes and having his art printed in many magazines, Igor Morski is an awarded artist with an intensive participation in art exhibitions.
Most of his works are based on his friend’s photographs. The artist takes their pieces and brings them to life, using great imagination and creative ability. This way he makes these images particularly impressive, really well composed, giving them a surreal mystery.
This Polish artist not only takes a figurative, photorealistic approach, but also creates the kind of fantastical situations and scenes that only the most peculiar of minds can create.
Anyone who takes a glance at his work will find themselves staring. It’s the kind of art that would make a casual observer look twice. His work is inspired by nature and society, these being the most import motifs in his art.
Morski has created many wonderful and spectacular surrealistic illustrations. He is known and celebrated for his huge imagination and creativity, for being able to bring to life such interesting situations.

See more at Igor Morski Website

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