These super simple, everyday life hacks may make your life a lot easier.

Using duct tape. Charging your phone. Hanging your clothes. Keeping chips fresh. … all of these things are just some of the terrible rigors of everyday life. How do we manage our lives with dealing with such time-consuming and mind-bending tasks? But fear not! There are ways you can complete these horrendous tasks while still being able to enjoy your life!

1. Use a Post-It note to clean your keyboard.
2. Use toilet paper tubes as starter pots.
3. Use paper clips to find the end of a roll of tape.
4. Use a dry strand of spaghetti to light hard-to-reach candles.
5. Hide emergency money in a sanitary napkin pouch. No one will steal that.
6. Cut open a tennis ball. It will now hold almost anything.
7. Use paper towel and toilet paper tubes to organize cables.
8. Pop can tabs can help layer hangers.
9. Charge your phone while in airplane mode.
10. Use the spring from a pen to strengthen cords.
11. Plug your devices into a power strip. You pay for “vampire charges” when your electronics are plugged into the wall, but aren’t being used. Power strips prevent this.
12. Use a bobby pin to get ALL of your toothpaste.
13. Cheap pants hangers from stores create awesome bag clips.
14. Here’s how to tie a tie.
15. Keep your pet food fresh and handy in a pitcher.
16. Use shower curtain hooks to organize purses.
17. Fill a container with coffee beans and use as a handy makeup brush storage.
18. Put a laundry basket in the tub with baby, it’ll keep the toys organized.
19. Dental floss can cut cakes, cheeses and other soft items.
20. Empty paper egg cartons can help cool down your laptop.

All of these are easy to complete and should help you out quickly!

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