This is incredible. A 1300 pound Grizzly that acts like a puppy. Who ever said Grizzlies are ferocious has never seen this softy.

BEAR trainer Doug Seus is a man who thinks nothing of play wrestling a grizzly bear - or posing with his head in its mouth. For the last four decades, Doug and wife Lynne have shared their ranch in the the Heber Valley, Utah, with their four bears: Bart the Bear 1, who died of cancer in 2000, brother and sister team Bart 2 and Honey Bump, and Tank. The bears' ease in human company has helped them carve out an impressive showreel working alongside Hollywood stars including Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston and Eddie Murphy, while Bart 2 recently starred in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. The bears are also ambassadors for Doug and Lynne's charity, Vital Ground, which helps to protect key landscapes used by grizzly bears and other wide-ranging wildlife.

Credits: Barcroft TV
Videographer / Director: Jed Seus
Producer: Tom Midlane
Editor: Ben Churcher / Joshua Douglas
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