30 things are going to end badly! They’re All Insane. OMG.

People sometimes do some really silly stuff. Most of the time it’s out of pure laziness and reckless disregard for their own safety. You’re about to see some prime examples of that below.

Take these 30 crazy and somewhat hilarious examples.

1. Surely nothing can go wrong here.
2. What a convenient way to replace a light bulb.
3. Just keep stacking them. Physics doesn’t care.
4. I’m sure only cuddly kittens use those tracks, not enormous pieces of steel machinery.
5. Heights? No problem.
6. When the expensive machine can’t reach, just rig it up like this.
7. Seriously?
8. I don’t think they are supposed to work like that…
9. That seems logical.
10. No. Just no.
11. The number of geniuses in this post is staggering.
12. I’m suddenly reminded of every Final Destination movie.
13. Just hanging out. What’s the big deal?
14. Oh, it’s one of those jackhammers you use your feet on… I get it.
15. The Almanac shows ladder-related deaths every year. I’m starting to understand why.
16. This seems safe.
17. So does this.
18. When the truck is being worked on, you gotta do what you gotta do.
19. OK, this one is just hilarious.
20. There will be a new position open at this store very soon.
21. He doesn’t seem trained. At all.
22. This guy heard that alligators are like puppies, and they’ll just lick you to death.
23. I like the way he thinks (not at all).
24. Seems this is already ending badly for him…
25. Nice trick. Now can you show me how to eat your food through a tube for the rest of your life?
26. Seems like a legitimate hauling method to me.
27. Even without the drink, this guy’s not the brightest.
28. Never buy this.
29. Child Protection Services, I think I found someone you should investigate.
30. And last, a man demonstrates why birth control is sometimes a fantastic idea.
Source: viralnova.com
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