39 Ridiculously Oversized Every Day Objects

The best part about art is that it challenges our conceptions of reality. Seriously, a balloon dog 10 times my size? A giant floppy disk that looks like it has 1 terabyte storage inside? A giant camera, if equipped with flashing light, that could blind me? All of these mentioned objects actually exists in our world, and they have been adopted by designers worldwide to either attract the mass audience, or show off their heavyweight creativity! These artists decided to blow the minds of passers by with larger-than-life sculptures. Seeing these from afar may not move you…
But when you’re up close and personal with something this big, it’s overwhelming. These are the kinds of sculptures you’d want to see in person.

Giant Comb Bike Rack by Knowho w Shop LA.
Shaped like a giant comb, but works as a bike rack. It weighs more than 400 pounds, and is made of Mangaris and powder-coated steel.
3D Glasses. This spectacle could allow a lot of people to watch the same 3D movie at the same time. Provided if their eyes can reach both glasses.

(Image Source: Bhavesh Bhuthadia)

Badminton Shuttlecock. Never thought it can be used this way.

(Image Source: Neal1960)

Giant Yellow Teddy Bear by Urs Fischer.
This giant teddy bear was on display in New York back in 2011. It was made of bronze, weighed 35,000 pounds, and stood 23 feet tall.

Spiral of the Galaxy by Marc Quinn.
This giant sea shell sculpture was displayed in the vicinity of Chatsworth House, England as part of the Sotheby’s Beyond Limit’s sculpture exhibition on September 5, 2013.

Basket Building.
Looks exactly like a basket, except that it’s not used to carry sandwiches, but to house humans.

(Image Source: Hassle Glad)

Guns by David Černý.
Czech artist David Černý came up with this installation in an effort to convey the message that violence frequently leads into a deadlock and brings no benefit to anyone.

Big RMB.
I seriously wonder if the value of money will get bigger with the size of the cash.

(Image Source: sdelahoyde)

"Remind" Giant Message in a Bottle by Vibeke Nørgaard Rønsbo.
Selected to be part of the "Sculpture by the Sea" exhibition, this is a really romantic and movie-esque sculpture of a bottle containing a beautifully written message.

Big Spills.
The ice popsicle is just too real; it even looks delicious! Will you give it a try?

(Image Source: Ads of the World)

Large LEGO Sculptures by Access Agency.
This huge R2D2 sculpture-cum-gateway is just one of the several large LEGO sculptures created by Access Agency. Also included in the series are Darth Vader and The Smurfs.

Christmas Light. Not too big for a big festival like Christmas, huh?

(Image Source: corneliskalma)

Light’s Plug. And it even has a plug!

(Image Source: corneliskalma)

Planet by Marc Quinn.
Marc Quinn designed this huge sculpture of his then 7 month-old son. Located in Singapore, this sculpture measures more than 10 meters in length and weighs 7 tons.

I don’t mind the cleaning, but I probably won’t sit beside the broom, judging from its placement.

(Image Source: Phase 1-0 Design)

Cloth Clip.
Fantastic details and that’s gotta hurt, for sure!

(Image Source: mmarsupilami)

Pentateuque by Fabien Mérelle.
The 5-meter-tall artwork ‘Pentateuque’ brings to life the fantastical and seemingly impossible act of an average man (a cast of the artist himself) balancing a gigantic elephant. It is found in Statue Square, Hong Kong.

Metalmorphosis by David Černý.
Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, this is a really cool and unique sculpture as it’s made of sliced steel plate layers that can rotate in different directions. It stands 30 feet tall and weighs 14 tons.

Floppy Disk. Mother of Floppy Disks (take off spectacles).

(Image Source: john4kc)

Marilyn Monroe Sculpture by J. Seward Johnson.
This is a 26 foot-tall statue of Marilyn Monroe in her iconic pose from a 1955 movie, The Seven Year Itch. Originally located in Chicago, it was later moved to southern California in summer 2012.

Folding Table and Chairs.
What makes these really impressive is the fact that they are greatly detailed! I tip my hat to the creator Robert Therrien.

(Image Source: Robert Therrien)

Big Rig Jig by Mike Ross.
This gravity-defying sculpture came from the idea of turning discarded objects into works of art. It stands 50 feet tall, weighs 25 tons, and most importantly, is made using a couple of repurposed 18-wheeler tanker trucks.

A big fork made a big difference; what an affordable yet extremely viral advertisement!

(Image Source: Ads of the World)

Freshness Bags.
The green leaves in the shiny bag just made the tree look entirely different from the others on the scene. Brilliant.

(Image Source: Ads of the World)

Giant Banana Peel.
What a realistic banana peel! It was originally created for an eyewear advertisement, and I will say it is really effective, as every detail counts.

(Image Source: Ads of the World)

Giant Knife.
You better don’t talk to him while he’s slicing something. Great details, and it looks really sharp!

(Image Source: Mads Lauritzen)
Giant Tableware.
“Sorry customer, no smaller tableware for you.” Okay, but these are just too precious to be used as tableware! Great work, Mads Lauritzen.

(Image Source: Mads Lauritzen)

Hard Rock. This probably saved the hotel owner a lot of budget on advertising.

(Image Source: yakul)

Holga Camera.
That’s a huge Holga! I believe if the camera is equipped with the flash light, it could probably cause a person to go blind! Excellent one indeed.

(Image Source: MAKE)

This life-size epic match is in fact the creation of a project, “Macro” by Rómulo Celdrán – “Macro acts as a kind of traditional magnifying glass that draws us closer to the object worthy of observation even when we keep an appropriate distance in order to view it.”

(Image Source: Rómulo Celdrán)

Color Paste.
I intentionally showcased this photo with the sculptor sitting beside the stuff, or else it’s really unbelievable to gauge just how big this thing is!

(Image Source: Rómulo Celdrán)

Could easily “chain” through the entire forest within hours.

(Image Source: tjwalters13)

Public Purse. Oh, who dropped a purse on the floor? Oh wait.

(Image Source: Arts and Culture)

Rubber Duck. I can’t ride it, it’s too adorable!

(Image Source: Florentijn Hofman)

Shoe. Did you lose a shoe today? But I’m sure that this couldn’t be yours.

(Image Source: Sylvain Dumais)

Throw Away Fix.
“A conceptual work by Brett Oakes, confronts the viewer with a familiar object, a convenience item that has become an environmental inconvenience – the disposable coffee cup.”

(Image Source: The Feijoa Fugitive)

The World’s Largest Deckchair by Stuart Murdoch.
Located on Bournemouth beach in Great Britain, this giant deckchair is 8.5 meters tall and 5.5 meters wide, which makes it even larger than a double-decker bus! It was constructed using 5,016 egg boxes, and weighs nearly 6 tons.

Giant Light Bulb by Sarah Olaerts.
A giant dimmable LED lamp that is shaped like an incandescent light bulb. It is 4.5 feet long and made of polyethylene. It even has a remote control.

"Bad Dog” by Richard Jackson.
Located just outside the Orange County Museum of Art and standing 24 feet tall, this giant urinating dog statue is sure to attract the attention of any passer-by. Bad dog!

It could be really easy to go big just for creativity’s sake, but it takes a lot of intensive hard work to make it stand out, and this can be realized through the details that the sculptors have crafted into their sculptures. Bigger is surely better, but only if you focus on making the bigger object as real as possible, which needs more time and determination than you might think. But of course, don’t forget the amusement and all the fun from creating it!

Source: Hongkiat

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