Here Are 23 Kids That Gave Absolutely Brilliant Answers On Their Tests.

You’re probably already aware of the phrase, “kids say the darndest things.” Well, it is a saying for good reason. Our little proteges, whether they are toddlers or teens, are more aware and clever than most people give them credit for. Their growing minds are like sponges (with attitudes). So don’t be surprised if you ever discover how awesomely hilarious some children are.
You’re not convinced? Well, here’s 23 awesome examples.

1. Simple, elegant and hilarious.
2. Fair point.
3. Now THAT’S how you math.
4. Touche.
5. Well, he’s not wrong.
6. A+
7. That teacher is heartless.
8. I love the name “Tedison.”
9. Well, that’s a little cynical.
10. LOL.
11. Close, kid, close.
12. This is just brilliant.
13. It’s not like this was completely wrong.
15. Poor lil cells.
16. Well, I certainly don’t know it!
17. That kid is wise.
18. It was a good try.
19. So. True.
20. This is the most epic win ever.
21. It’s possible, right?
22. Poor Warren.
23. A for effort!
Honestly, most of those kids were way more clever than most people I work with. Give them props and share their awesomeness by sharing this article.

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