Incredibly gratifying video shows that this city worker painting streets is a true craftsman

If you had to list everything that fascinates you, it’s safe to say that footage of city workers painting lines on the road wouldn’t make it on the list. But maybe it should…

London designer Tom Williams saw a crew of painters working their way down the road painting various signs on the street. He knew they were going to paint a bus stop sign outside his apartment, so he set up his camera to record their work.

And that work is genuinely amazing. You’d think that street painting would be a pretty basic process requiring little specialized skill or technique, but if this clip is any indication, that is far from the case.
With the help of his assistant, this painter confidently applies perfect yellow lettering onto the street freehand. No stencils and no mistakes…

Sources:, Tom Williams
Παρασκευή, Απριλίου 11, 2014 |
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