These 30 People Failed So Epically Hard At Cooking

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, that’s a fact that should be accepted. Some people are great at gardening. Others bake. A few are swell bowlers.
So, there is no shame in accepting what we are good at… and what we are terrible at. These 30 people are so awful at everything cooking-related they should be banned from any room that has a refrigerator or stove.
You may think we’re kidding… but NOPE.

Pinterest recipes aren’t always a good idea.
To be fair, I blame the pan.
It seemed like a good idea in theory…
SO CLOSE to being a genius idea.
These poor pizzas…
Goodbye, old friend.
Pinterest lied to us all.
Like this.
No. Just… no.
If you can’t identify the meat, don’t eat it.
Not even close.
Technically, this is a win.
So the thing about electric kettles…
How does one even ATTEMPT to set pasta on fire using water?
Cake shouldn’t be unappetizing.
How NOT to cook eggs.
This poor spaghetti squash never saw it coming…
It’s amazing they didn’t burn the house down with this one.
It actually takes talent to make rice look like this.
Making cabbage look even more unappetizing.
I don’t even want to know.
They ruined cookies. Forever.
Pasta should never find a way to be frightening.
… close?
Plastic is NOT the same thing as metal. It just isn’t.
Congratulations, world. You found a way to ruin donuts.
Goldfish? Sour cream? Ham? Potatoes? … why did this person want to ruin every good thing for me?
Whatever wizard was able to burn pasta with boiling water should look into going to Hogwarts, because that’s just impressive.

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