How to handle your kid’s lie! Brilliant!

For a teenage girl having her period for the first time is very important. She shares it with her girlfriends and starts acting like a woman rather clumsy though...This brilliant ad is an enlightening lesson both for the girls and their parents! The mother realizes that her daughter has contrived her first period and as the teen doesn't admit her fraud the mother doesn't punish her for her lie instead she throws her a party...kinda embarrassing though! While the girl is trying desperately to avoid all the festivities...feeling rather annoyed by everybody's enthusiasm she finally admits the fraud to her mother!
It was an expensive way to give her a lesson but don't forget that this is an ad, however parenting to an adolescent is a tough situation and sometimes is better to be tolerant and alternative than censorious. It is a sensitive stage and is better to laugh that to cry latter! Anyway it was hilarious and I really loved the last part with the ketchup and the patience!

Credits: HelloFlo
Δευτέρα, Ιουνίου 23, 2014 | | | |
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