Life saving message! Please watch it!

It is obvious that every parent loves his children and always tries to do his and her best for them! However sometimes mostly when we are in a hurry kids may be an obstacle to something to be done the lethal decision might cost a kid's life. Seriously when a parent decides to leave his child in a car alone just for a few minutes that might cost his life! The proof is this chilling film from a child safety advocate group on the effects of vehicular heat stroke! It is a realistic video that will bring awareness to the parents of how important is to avoid this reckless instant decision! Just be prepared because it is rather cruel!
I am in such a mess...It is shocking to realize that almost a thousand children have lost their lives in such a cruel way...alone in a car not able to breathe! We should stop this, so PLEASE share this life saving message with others just to prevent other innocent children's lives!

Credits: RedCastle Productions
Πέμπτη, Ιουνίου 26, 2014 | |
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