Who can be compared with him?

For every father his beloved daughter first date brings always awkward feelings...However when her first memory of dating is with the man that will always have a piece of her heart dedicated to him then things are different!
A daddy named Aaron Dickson from Bellingham, Washington took his young daughter Annalynne out on her very first date! He did everything by the book. He got dressed, felt anxious, got ready and got out of the house and then he turned about and rang the door bell...his little princess opened the door and the most incredible experience of her short life just began!

It is really touching to witness such a relationship between father and daughter. Especially when the father is such a gentleman, it’s gonna be tough for her next date to top that!

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Credits: Becauseof Camilito
Δευτέρα, Ιουνίου 23, 2014 | | |
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