A simple but really helpful solution to a problem that we all have faced some time... Cool down your cans or bottles in less than 2 minutes and enjoy really cool refreshments!

I am sure most of you have faced this problem more than once...It's freaking hot and you desperately need something really cool to drink, well here is the solution in only 2 minutes! With the help of chemistry science a simple tip for always cool cans and bottles. You only need ice cubes, water and salt! Yes, this is the detail that makes the difference...salt! Watch how it works in the video below!
It really works! So no more warm beer for you and no more a fridge full of cans and bottles and no space for other things! Now the only thing that I am going to worry about is how cool my can will be! Thank God there are people who liked that course and science and give us solutions!

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Credits: DaveHax
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