A surprise that they will never forget! Being away for several months he returns with the most unexpected way!

While Bethany Bronson was out swimming with her four children, spending a typical day of their vacation, as her husband Captain. Hyrum Bronson, has been deployed overseas in Afghanistan for 6 months she couldn't see it coming! A friend of the family who is shooting the video is aware of the big surprise and basically is warming up the family by making some questions about their absent father and husband...who was expected in a month!
No matter how cruel his life might have been at a hostile area this sweet dad hasn't lost his humor and tenderness so...he surprises his family in the most unusual way, swimming up to them in scuba gear!
Check out their touching reunion!
Delighted by the surprise, Captain Bronson’s daughters immediately swim up to him screaming “Daddy!” What an amazing surprise!

Your family should be very proud of you Captain. Hyrum Bronson! I hope you continue to make such surprises to your family that is willing to deprive themselves from your existence in order to serve your country and keep us all safe! Thank you!

Credits: Bethany Bronson
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