The Ultimate Illusion…You Must See This!

The English artist Patrick Hughes has created an extraordinary class of painted art pieces, most commonly referred to as 'reverspectives'. They consist of truncated pyramids and prisms with their smaller faces closer to the viewer, in such a way as to allow a realistic scene to be painted on them. The works of art contain rich perspective and other painted cues that conspire to elicit an illusory depth percept that is the reverse of the physical depth arrangement. Under the illusory depth percept, reverspectives appear to move vividly as the viewer moves in front of them.
Inspired by Hughes’s amazing work, another artist named Brian Weavers has created this particular piece of art which is currently on display at the Gallery at Ice in Windsor, UK.

Credits: Benjamin Dalsgaard Hughes
Σάββατο, Ιουλίου 05, 2014 | |
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