A hilarious prank...just to give a lesson to those talking loud on their phone! Awesome!

Don't you hate it when people speak loudly on their phone in a public place?
One man decided to "crash" their calls by having a matching conversation right next to them.
In this instance, the "crasher" is the comedian Greg Benson, who sets his sights on travelers glued to their cell phones in an unnamed airport terminal. A camera, filming from afar, captures the awkward hilarity that ensues when Benson approaches people on their phones, then responds to their overheard conversations as if he is the person they're actually talking to. Sounds confusing; works brilliantly.
Benson plays it completely straight – whenever someone asks him, he just casually tells them he's on the phone. As is the case with most stunts like this, it's other people's reactions that really make the video.
As nobody likes the person who incessantly talks on their cell phone in public...this is a lesson for them! Watch out next time you are drifted by the conversation...Benson might be around and make you a prank and finally make you the next star of the Internet!

Credits: MediocreFilms

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