An "anti-commercial" patchwork ad that reveals the fake world of media! Awesome!

A friend of mine used to say that she would love to live in an advertisement world...where everybody is happy and never tired, everything is working perfectly, families are so close and smiling every morning, mothers are never shouting whatever they kids do and so many other cheerful moments! I must agree with her because everything in that world seems so heavenly perfect!
But really could those things happen in real life? Nope! So here is the proof of the fake world of advertisements which in order to manipulate us to buy junk they have created all these magical surroundings...
Writer Kendra Eash wrote an amazing bit of satire mocking how the ad industry likes to use vague, inspirational nonsense to capture people's attention. So Dissolve, a stock video distributor, took her words and visualized them in an amazingly vague, faux-inspirational video that tells you absolutely nothing at all. It's kind of hilarious.
There are all kinds of ads, but in general they all aim to keep you from thinking and, instead, make your buying choices based on an emotional response.
Basically, if you're not prepared to think—and you often are not when you're watching television or reading a magazine—you'll pretty much accept any suggestion if it is offered to you. Since you're being so passive, you may not even realize it's happening.
What can you do? Think. When your parents used to tell you "because I said so" you probably weren't ready to accept that answer. Don't do it subconsciously when watching an ad. Think about what the ad is saying. Play devil's advocate and consider the negative aspect of the products that definitely aren't being shown to you. It only takes a few seconds to consider that the chalupa you're seeing may or may not contain actual meat. Keep your brain active when you're looking at ads and you'll be better off.

Credits: Dissolve
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