He couldn't imagine that he was holding a treasure...a blanket made this hopeless disabled man a millionaire!

A miracle happened in an auction! L.T. or Big L.T. lost his leg in a car accident and his disability checks were barely paying the bills. One day L.T. saw a Navajo First Phase Chief’s Blanket appraised on the Antique Road Show for $350,000-$500,000. L.T. owned a similar blanket and decided to get it appraised. He was ecstatic to find out his blanket was worth $100,000-$200,000. But this good news was only the beginning...
The blanket went up for auction at the Pasadena Convention Center on June 19 by John Moran Auctioneers. According to Moran's release, "After a pitched battle between phone and floor bidders from across the country, the well-known dealer Donald Ellis of Donald Ellis Gallery in New York and Ontario, bidding from the floor, emerged the victor as the stunned consignor looked on." The total price, including 20% buyer's premium, was $1.8 million.
This ‘Chantland Blanket’, a First Phase chief’s wearing textile, far outstripped the previous $522,500 record for a Navajo blanket. At $1.8 million, the blanket has achieved the second highest price for any Native American artifact ever realised at auction.
Check out this heartwarming story and find out how someone’s miserable life can turn into a wonderful one in a few hours!
During the mid 1800s, First Phase chief’s blankets were highly prized items, collected by both European settlers, and Native Americans, even before the existence of the United States.
Today, fewer than one hundred First Phase blankets are in existence. This makes them the rarest of the four phases of Navajo blankets. Typically, they incorporate horizontal striped patterns of natural brown, black, ivory and indigo, in hand-spun dyed wool. The later phases branch out into diamond patterns and cross formations.
Only four other First Phase blankets incorporating lac-dyed red stripes, as the Chantland blanket does, are known to exist outside of public collections. This design variant is highly sought after among Navajo textiles. (wikicollecting)
It's a real feel good story, and couldn't of happen to a better person who never had nothing in his life, and when he though life couldn't get any worse, something amazing happens out of nowhere.

Credits: JohnMoranAuctions

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