I thought I was a genius at packing for a trip...but this guy is something else!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this brilliant footage! His amazing tiny pack could fit anywhere and it consists everything you need for just a sleep over!

This amazing video will saw you the easiest, stress-free and quickest way to pack the necessary for a visit at a friend's house!

When you go away for just one night – the kind where you’re just sleeping over, maybe have some breakfast and then back out to start the next day – you don’t really need that much to pack. A t-shirt, some fresh undies, socks, and your toothbrush and you’re all set.
With this amazing life hack you can actually fold all things up, in a methodical way, so you just toss them in your purse or book bag without any hassle. It’s pretty awesome and super simple!

Credits: DaveHax

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Τρίτη, Αυγούστου 12, 2014 |
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