Shocked! She is my idol! At the age of 90 and still amazes everyone!

She is something won't take your eyes off her! She is a legend and her name is Jean Veloz. For her 90th birthday party, Jean didn’t want to resort to plain old cake cutting and opening presents… she wanted to DANCE! And when you see her in action, you’ll understand why male guests were lining up to get a chance to bust a move with this awesome woman.
As it turns out, Jean is a veteran swing dancer with an impressive resume. She’s been dancing since the 1940′s, in everything from competitions to full-length movies. It’s so inspiring to see that not only can she still dance better than most people, but that she still has an incredible spirit that draws everyone to her. Age is nothing but a number!!
I saw this video many times and I couldn’t stop admiring her passion and amazing moves! OMG she is such an inspiration!

Credits: Anthony Mak

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