These must be the luckiest people on wait... entertained by a fellow traveler who happened to be a famous musician!

You all know how slowly time passes while waiting for your flight departure.The nonstop noise and commotion of other hurried travelers can make for a fairly tense environment. That's why when this man decided to sit down at this piano in the Prague airport, everyone was pleasantly surprised. Maan Hamadeh is a talented pianist and happily delighted a host of bored passengers waiting for their flight at Prague airport with an impromptu performance of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s classic, ‘Fur Elise’, in different variations.

What a great surprise! Thankfully for those lucky passengers among them there was Maan Hamadeh, the avid musician and piano enthusiast from Lebanon, was with friends in Europe spending 12 days of holiday without playing music when they passed by the instrument at a corner of the Prague airport. Awesome!

Credits: Maan Hamadeh

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Τρίτη, Αυγούστου 19, 2014 | |
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