This heroic pit bull did what a human should do...thwarted abduction attempt!

Meet Blitz the pitbull which is usually a sweet-tempered Pit Bull who jumps up to sniff and lick visitors, but when his owner opened her front door to investigate the distressing screams for help she heard, Blitz bolted past her to defend a woman being attacked by her estranged husband.
Steven Paul Schumacher had broken into the Thomas Ave, Holland, MI house where his estranged wife was staying and assaulted his wife. She managed to break loose of his hold and run out of the house where Schumacher grabbed her by the hair and attempted to drag the struggling, screaming woman toward his vehicle.
It was just then when the heroic pitbull acted. Before the owner managed to get Blitz and get him back into her home, he distracted Schumacher enough for the victim to break free and take refuge in the house with her neighbor and the hero Blitz.
When police arrived on the scene, Schumacher, who was carrying a large knife, was pacing outside of Blitz's home. Thanks to Blitz, Schumcher was charged with felony home invasion and domestic assault! We all know about pit bulls and their unwarranted bad reputations. But this video is proof that it's all about how they are raised, as is with any other dog or animal.

Credits: ClickAnimalVideos

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