This is dedicated to all technology's lovers...who think that technology has no limits! But as a French ad for toilet paper points out, there are some things technology cannot replace.

I must admit that technology generally and hi-tech gadgets have made our lives easier. They even say print is dead, and with it, the need for paper. Although personally I still love books and prefer them from e-reading. This father, though, doesn't seem to think there’s a need to use paper at all — and he has no problem telling his wife Emma the error of her ways. Sure, the paper industry is struggling, but there's one thing your tablet can't replace. Trust me she’ll get the last laugh...
It is hilarious and the most humorous ending! Watch and laugh out loud as I did!
Happily, he receives a comeuppance so beautiful that even the most gadget-committed might catch themselves for a moment and consider their delusions. For his wife, so tired of living with New Man, finds a way to show him just how primitive his obsessions truly are. The ad for Le Trefle toilet paper ends with the important reminder: ''Paper has a great future''. I couldn't agree more!

Credits: lnow2011

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