This is definitely the most daredevil selfie I've ever seen...however it offers a great panoramic view! It's a must see!

What starts as an innocuous video of three friends snacking on bananas turns into a shocking display of daredevilry as the camera is panned across the surrounding view of Hong Kong, 346 meters below them.
Photographer Daniel Lau uses his ‘selfie stick’ to take dizzying footage of a rooftopping adventure 346 meters (1,135 feet) above the streets of Hong Kong. Lau, along with friends Andrew Tso and a girl called A.S. climbed The Center skyscraper- Hong Kong's fifth tallest building.
Astounding views of Hong Kong's cityscape are visible as the sunglasses-wearing teen fearlessly hold the selfie stick above his head and pans the camera around. The camera was fitted with a wide-angle lens to capture footage of Hong Kong sure to make even the strongest of stomachs a bit queasy!
Just eating some bananas while sitting on top of a 1,135-foot-tall skyscraper. No big deal. Climbing to the top of skyscrapers has become a trend and taking a selfie in recent months...I must admit that it's breathtaking but so dangerous that I wouldn't recommend it! Probably I have a fear with heights...something that these teens don't seem to be bothered!

Credits: Frank Wu

Share this breathtaking footage with others but make sure they won't try something similar!
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