This is a surprise that they will never the middle of a crowded area they created the most amazing scenery to perform Lindsey Stirling's new song!

A crowd of people walking through a shopping area had no idea...that something like this was going to take place. Everyone loves a good surprise performance, and violinists Lindsey Stirling gave an awesome one recently.
For those who were present in the Americana Mall Square in Glendale, CA it was definitely an amazing surprise and experience!
Partnering with UE BOOM, a 360º wireless speaker, Lindsey innocently starts playing the violin on a street corner, before erupting into a live performance of her latest song, “Master of Tides”, with street dancers. Powered by 25 of the wireless speakers, a crowd forms around the violinist and watches and she jumps onto a fountain with the back-up dancers.
Lindsey has performed countless song covers and arrangements on her violin, but this is one of the most magical. Stirling combined many ideas for the creation of this video. She had a pirate themed performance with a fountain show, pyro guns, and background dancers that were dressed to look like pirates and sirens. One of the amazing things about Lindsey Stirling is not just her ability to make incredible music, nor her creativity in being one of the only artists to combine raw violin talent with electronic beats, but her absolute passion in having fun with what she does!

Credits: Lindsey Stirling

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