You would never imagine what happened to this elderly woman...and who paid the debt after all...a heartbreaking story with an amazing end!

78-year-old Tona Herndon of Bethany, Oklahoma, was still grieving after the loss of her husband of 60 years. She was visiting her husband’s grave two weeks after he died when she became the subject of a crime. As she was getting back into her car at the cemetery, a man surprised her and violently snatched her purse from her arm. The mugger got away with her purse and $700, but not for long. Police caught him, and the news put his mug shot on TV.
15-year-old Christian Lunsford was watching the news and instantly recognized the robber’s picture. It was his father. The last time Christian heard from his father was a few weeks prior to seeing his mug shot on TV. His father had given him $250 so that he could go on a trip with his high school marching band.
Christian acted immediately! He wanted to meet his father's victim to put things right. Perhaps even more surprisingly, the victim, Tona Herndon, agreed to meet the teenager in a church parking lot. The teen proved he was wise beyond his years and has a heart bigger than the majority of humankind, when he did something that completely shocked Herdon, proving that genetics doesn’t always mean everything.

Christian gave Tona $250 that his father had recently given him for his school trip. Tona gratefully accepted the gesture but then something else happened...
Thankfully there are still people out there with strong feelings and mainly ethics! This is an example we should all remember and try to imitate! Apologizing is something that makes you a good person and this is the proof!

Credits: CBS News

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