An Unforgettable Surprise For Welcoming Back His Girlfriend! Romantic but a bit Awkward!

What would you do if you have returned from overseas and your sweetheart weren't there waiting anxiously to meet you and hug you? Personally I would be sad not to say even annoyed! Well, Lindsey the heroine of this footage seems to keep her cool and patiently waits for the delayed boyfriend...until two strangers approach her...
One of them started playing the guitar while the other began singing "It Will Rain" by Bruno Mars. At first she had no idea what was going on, but then she started having a few suspicions that her boyfriend might have a hand in this. Her suspicions were correct, and as she stood up to see if she could find him she spotted him all suited-up and carrying flowers, just waiting to welcome her home in the best way!
That is an overproduction "welcome" to a common woman...who, I bet, will be the Queen of his heart! Really can you imagine what his proposal will look like? Let's hope it will be soon and viral too!
However being in front of that crowd for me it would be kinda awkward! I hope Lindsey loved it and to tell you the truth there is nothing wrong to show your love and passion!

The two musicians were Rico Contreras (vocals) and Luis Mojica (guitarist) from Mariachi Nuevo Estilo A.D.M. in San Antonio, Texas. So if you ever find yourself in the area needing singers for a romantic airport gesture, look them up!

Credits: jellyfishdude

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