He Was Ready To Reject Her...As Usual, Until She Started Singing! Extraordinary!

This time Simon Cowell the harshest judge of the bunch of Britain's has talent was almost right...as Hollie Steel an adorable 10-year-old girl got on stage. At first, she started performing a ballet dance...not so successfully though. And when she saw Cowell getting ready to reject her as he had already raised his hand and started to approach the button, immediately she opened her mouth and then...
An angelic voice came out of there! Singing I Could Have Danced All Night from musical My Fair Lady, Hollie left the judges open mouthed – and Holden and Brook close to tears.
Hollie is dreaming of becoming a ballerina, as many young girls in her age. I don't know if she will be one, as I am not an expert. Maybe with a lot of practice, but for the one thing I am pretty sure, she will definitely become a great singer! She is so talented!

Credits: Britain's Got Talent

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