He Was Running Out Of Time...But He wouldn't Miss It For The World! A Heartbreaking Surprise!

A father with terminal cancer who always imagined walking his daughters down the aisle got his wish shortly before his death.
Fred Evans had cancer, and his doctors have given him only months to live.
There was, however, one obstacle in his path: Gracie and Kate weren't planning to get married anytime in the near future.
Refusing to let this small problem get in his way, and knowing that with a terminal cancer diagnosis he will not make it to his girls' weddings, the 62-year-old father of four decided to surprise them by planning a special ceremony where he was able to accompany Kate and Gracie to the alter and give his blessings for their future nuptials. Both young women were left in tears at their dad’s touching gesture. The emotional day was all captured as the family gathered and prayed for the girls’ future marriages.
After walking his two girls down the aisle, Evans announced that he had "one more bride." He told his wife, Karla, that he wanted to renew their vows.
Mrs Evans’ brother officiated the ceremony, which concluded with a tender kiss after the spouses promised to continue loving one another till death do them part.
Tragically, it happened all too soon: Mr Evans lost his battle with cancer on July 25, 2013.
The 62-yerar-old husband, father, grandfather and SCUBA diving enthusiast was remembered by people close to him for his boundless love of life and family. Rest in peace Mr Evans and I am sure that your daughters would find as adorable husbands as their daddy was!

Credits: Fotolanthropy
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