He wouldn't fit in a bathtub anyway...but this isn't what makes this video special! It's his incredible patience and discipline!

Well, the usual procedure of a dog taking his bath whether he likes it or not, is to lead him to the bathtub yours or his own and wash him...This is for the normal sized dogs. In case you own a Great Dane what would you do?
For those who own a dog the bath procedure it might be a tricky situation...Besides the difficulties that you may face if your canine doesn't like bath, it's the mess that it leaves behind after leaving the bathroom...For this family though, bathing their dog is a happy procedure for everyone involved! You will be amazed what they figured out to do to bathe their adorable giant dog! Simply amazing!
Isn't he the most adorable HUGE dog you've ever seen? I really admire how he stands patiently in this rather uncomfortable pose as his daddy bathe him! I like a lot this breed but now I am in love with it!

Credits: john caspian
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