Hitchcock's "Birds " Was Just A Movie...This Is A Terrifying Reality! The absolute Horror!

Once more nature and real life proved to be far more imaginative than every human written scenario! The astonishing sight was captured on video by Santo Antonio da Platina, a town about 250 miles west of Sao Paulo, by local resident Erick Reis, a 20 year old web designer.
As most of us sitting in front of our screens and watching it...The locals in Santo Antônio da Platina got a rather creepy shock when spiders were spotted hanging overhead on electrical lines and it wasn't for the scenario of a horror movie filmed there...it was reality!

In the beginning and from a distance they look like small birds…
Getting closer the chills begins…as your mind still denies accepting what these might be!
And the nightmare just begins…. It is an arachnophobes worst night - stepping outside to find it is 'raining' spiders!

The video reveals thousands of then moving up and down webs, appearing to fall from the sky.
Experts later identified the arachnids as Anelosimus eximius, which is extremely rare in the spider world as it is a social spider.
They are usually in trees during the day and in the late afternoon and early evening construct a giant sheet of webs, in order to trap insects.
So if you are planning ever go there, do what you have to do during the day, because in the evenings it's raining SPIDERS! No wonder if a movie comes out shortly after this terrifying event!

Credits: PlaysJunkie

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