It Was Just A Rainy Day...And As He Drives Off His Garage A Tornado Breaks Out And Tears Down Everything! Shocking!

It definitely wasn't a good day for a ride...but thank God he did at least try to drive off his car out of the garage. Russia's weather and driving conditions are rarely for the faint of heart, but this footage of an encounter between a Russian driver, his garage, and a tornado will blow you out of the water.
The video, captured by a dashboard camera shows a driver backing out of a garage onto a dirt road — and straight into a roaring storm.
As the car backs out of the garage, the rain and gusts of wind seem to pick up strength, blowing over trees and picking up dirt and debris.
The driver wisely changes his mind about the timing of his outing, wanting to return to the garage he just left, but all of a sudden the garage is no more...
After the winds have died down, the scale of destruction becomes clear, although the Toyota RAV 4 car has escaped serious damage. Wow, what about a new ad for Toyota...the untouchable, at least almost, comparing to what happened to the house or the garage...LOL

Credits: ViralHog

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