Nature's Paradox...Venus The Cat Has Two Faces! A 100% Real and Superb!

You definitely won't believe your eyes but this cat exists and she was born like this! She is far the most gorgeous cat I've ever seen and she is already the Queen of the Internet among any other cat! The Internet sensation's half-black, half-orange face appears to be split straight down the middle, and her eyes are striking, too: one is green, the other blue. She is Venus the Chimera Cat! Her mystifying two-faced features are probably due to a genetic trait called chimerism!
Venus’ proud owner describes her lovingly as a ‘gentle’ and ‘perfect’ pet with a deceptively big appetite.
One look into this goddess’ eyes and you’ll NEVER forget Venus! Isn’t she incredible?! I couldn't take my eyes of her! Incredibly beautiful and so tranquil, she is the perfect kitten!

Credits: VenusMommy

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