Simple Maths And You Have A Complicated Illusion! Brilliant!

Looking at this illusion which is literally based on simple geometry rules you are going to realize that the perspective and the angle you are looking at something defines the result!
At first, you think you’re look at a simple combination of shapes and colors — but as the video forces you to see these objects from new perspectives, everything quickly changes in the most amazing way. No wonder this illusion has been seen by more than three million people!
Nasir al-Din Tusi, the 13th-century Persian astronomer, mathematically proved that the circular motion of objects, such as gears, could lead to movement in a straight line. Vision scientist Arthur Shapiro of American University and his student Alex Rose-Henig showed why we sometimes perceive straight-line motion from rotation. In their illusion, which won second prize, they use the fact that we group individual moving objects into global structures depending on the statistical relation among those objects.
In other words, if perspective is changed, images moving in a circular pattern can be seen as moving along a linear path, and vice versa.
It's like the Universe...simple rules but really complicated to understand! Amazing balance and perfect synchronization! I love science when it becomes so simple for everyone's mind!

Credits: brusspup

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