This Is Not Magic It's True And You Can Even Dive Your Iphone Into Water! Unbelievable!

A few years back, a product called NeverWet hit the scene, and began making waves almost immediately. A miracle spray that prevents stains from chocolate, mustard, soft drinks or anything else you can imagine doing the glide magically from any surface had been sprayed earlier with the product. They even claim that the spray worked on practically anything, including electronics, so they spray an iPhone with NeverWet, submerge it in a foot of water for 30 minutes, take it out and it is good to go!
The NeverWet can be used on textiles, leather, canvas and wood, metals, aluminum and walls. See a demonstration of the capabilities of the video below:
There was only one downside to NeverWet—you couldn’t buy it. The company said it was hoping to launch a retail version of NeverWet sometime in early 2012, but that didn’t happen. Anticipation kept growing and finally now the wait came to an end and after NeverWet cooperation with the Rust-Oleum spray magic will be in the next few days available for purchase and concrete will be sold at a price of $ 19.97! I will definitely need this!

Credits: LancasterOnline

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