What This Dad Did For His Teenage Daughter...Proves That Everyone Has The Right To Be Different! Brilliant ad!

Being an outcast at middle school is something that many teenagers have faced for numerous reasons.
In this sweet and funny commercial, a girl is starting high school in a new place, and because of how she looks, she’s not treated well by the other kids in her class, or even the people in her neighborhood. Everyone, it seems, is judging a book by its cover.

Thankfully for this girl there will always be someone who won't hurt her feelings no matter how she looks or dresses up...her personal hero, her dad! Find out what he figures out to do to bring a smile to her face and tell her with his unique way that he will always approve and love her!
In the rabidly conformist school environment, the qualities that make people different make them targets. In adulthood, however, the qualities that make people different make them compelling.

It's hard to know when you're in high school that "the smart thing" is likely to translate into later success, or that "the girl thing" is bound to improve. That's why it's up to adults to convey constantly to teenagers that the characteristics that marginalize them can pay off after graduation.

Geeks profit from their technological knowhow. Emos benefit from being empathetic and unafraid to display emotion. Skaters, punks and others who pursue their arts with fervor benefit from the creativity they've honed. Gamers have learned both problem-solving skills and the ability to collaborate through collective intelligence.
This ad has a real deep meaning and it refers to all those kids that being treated badly in school. It's true that children can be cruel sometimes but it's up to their parents to smooth their reactions towards the differences! I always find this kind of commercial really educational!

Credits: HORIZONTnet

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